I love travelling, discovering and immersing myself into new visuals, sounds and experiences. Before I was twenty-one I had only been to South Vietnam with my family and they were more family events than holidays. In 2010, I took a deep breath, dismissed the fear of travelling alone and took the ground running.


In 2009 that all changed when I signed myself up for a two and a half week Anartomy (Art and Anatomy- get it?!) course in beautiful Italy without telling my parents until after I had signed and paid everything. It was a dream come true- my Art History fantasies became reality, ate fresh Italian food (nothing can compare), attended a Medieval Horse Race, slept in the middle of a Town Square, climbed towers and missed a train and found ourselves in Rome (4 hours from where we should be at this stage!). It was crazy, amazing and more than I could imagine. Italy will always be special to me!

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Early in 2011, I took a spontaneous trip to Fiji with my boyfriend. We definitely had the travel bug and were desperate to fly, so we rushed over to a travel agency with a limited budget and Fiji was the furthest we could get. It cured our travel bug and also was a much needed relaxation time. The people and the islands are beautiful.

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In my last year of Medical School I did an elective at a teaching hospital in Graz, Austria for six weeks. Before this trip I had never heard of Graz- did you know it’s the 2nd largest city in Austria after Vienna? I got to know the university town of Graz well and made lots of friends who introduced me to local cuisine and culture. I was fortunate to have a week off to backpack solo around Austria and visited Salzburg and Vienna and also dabbled into South Germany and explored Munich.

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In October 2012, as a little gift to myself for surviving Internship and also a Birthday present, I whipped up the courage to travel solo again, this time to New York City. I stayed in an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan next to Central Park. My favourite moment would’ve been spending Halloween in the suburbs with a cousin I haven’t seen since I was two. I also got the bonus of sitting through Hurricane Sandy.

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