Summer please come quickly!

Oh my gosh it is fkn freezing in Melbourne! >__< I despise cold weather and I swear the day when I earn some decent money, I shall fly off during the Winter months (like the birds) to the Northern Hemisphere to bask in their Summer season. I think I’m suffering from jetlag because I slept for 17 hours when returned home two nights ago and last night I woke up at 3am and decided to do some handwashing & emailing, after lying in bed staring at the ceiling for 2 hours. Then I climbed into bed at 6:30am because it was so damn cold… my hands couldn’t move! D:

Spent the day snacking on chocolates; catching up on Naruto Shippuuden eps and cleaning my desk. Gahhh~ I feel so cold and lazy compared to the 2 and a half weeks I spent in Italy. I had 3 mega meals a day and due to our packed itinery & hyper program leader, did heaps and heaps of walking to the point where my calves got really toned and seemed to be stuck in contraction. ^^;;

To warm myself up I thought I’d post up some photos of the day we spent in Cinque Terre, Italy. Cinque Terre means “five lands” because it is made up of five villages which are situated along the coast on the Italian Riviera (not far from the French Riviera). Unfortunately, to catch the last train we were only able to visit four of the five villages, but I definitely want to come back and spend more time there some day~ ^__^ It was so beautiful~


We walked along Via dell’amore (The road of love) which connects Riomaggiore to Manarola. The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful.



Monterosso al Mare

The beaches were covered with grey pebbles

Dined at L’ancora della Tortuga which was a charming sea-themed restaurant tucked away on the side of a cliff with a stunning view of the pebbled beaches and colourful buildings.

I had vegetarian ravioli with king lobster (for only €16) which was absolutely delicious! We also drank housewine which the waitress said was produced by her father at the vineyard just 50m up the cliff from the restaurant :D


It was very difficult to capture this village because it is perched on a cone-shaped peak covered on all sides by vineyards and we had to climb 377 steps to reach it. This is a photo of the view from the flight of stairs.  

Bonus photo!

On the train ride to and from Cinque Terre we passed the the Carrara marble quarries. It looks like snow but the white is marble! The block of marble for Michelangelo’s David was from one of these quarries!

  1. Tara said:

    Lovely pictures! :D

    And dude, I’ll trade my hot, humid, and monsoony weather for your colder one any day. I like the cold!

  2. Louise said:

    Oh, what a beautiful vacation! The ravioli & lobster look fantastic. I keep forgetting that when it’s summer in this part of the world, it’s winter and cold in your part.

  3. Katy said:

    Beautiful pics!

    I can’t wait for winter to come in Vancouver. I’m sick of summer!

  4. Jamie said:

    It seems as though everyone is going on vacation but me. Wah. Oh well; I shall soon go on vacation to somewhere. My dad really wants me to get a car but I want to go on vacation :(. Anyway, I followed your blog link over from Thao’s and linked you under my site. I hope you don’t mind? Well; glad you had fun in Italy, take care of yourself and I will be commenting a lot more often from now on.

  5. winn said:

    ;__; I can’t believe you’re back already! My laptop was getting fixed for three weeks (is that how long you were away for?). Glad you had a great trip (and that pasta looks very yummy~), all your photos look so lovely~ post more! =D

  6. Jenn~ said:

    Awwww, so sorry I totally missed your trip!! X_x; But it sure looks like you had an awesome time from the photos.. I LOVE THEM~

    My grandpa lives in Holland and leaves for the winter months to Bali, Indonesia.. so jealous! That would be awesome to do, haha~

    I’m gonna make some time to write you!! I miss hearing from ya~ *hugs*

    Have an awesome weekend, Leanne

  7. Anna said:

    I love the cold so sometime it shocks me how some people prefer the warmth or hotness of summer.

    But it seems like you had a great time in Italy and the pictures are gorgeous and the food looks delicious.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Italy and it seems like you had a good time there lol

  8. Amanda said:

    Wow, I thought I couldn’t complain more about the cold weather enough today as it is… but those photos from your holiday just also made me wish it were summer. How cold does it get in Melbourne? Auckland’s sea wind and storms are killing me at the moment (loving the storms but not the temperature), and I have to go down to Invercargill in a month… snow :|

  9. Daisy said:

    the photos are soooo beautiful!
    i especially love the first one and the one with the colourful houses, the scenery is indeed breathtaking even from the photos!
    & the lobster with ravioli *O*

    instead of flying back and forth for summer in the two hemispheres, i’ve always wanted to just move towards the equator where it’ll be hot all year long xD

  10. Lorik said:

    YAY~ photos~~ It looks amazing! I’m glad you had such a great time there! yummmm and the food looks really good~

    Welcome back Leanne~~

  11. Leanne said:

    Wow! It looks so beautiful! I’m insanely jealous atm and great food for such a low price. :( :( I wanna go! Next time I’m going to hide in your suitcase and come along haha.

  12. Leanne said:

    Oops, I keep forgetting to change the URL! D<

  13. Minna said:

    Ooooohhhh to have five meals a day! I love being abroad – getting fat and not worrying about it! My calves are also stuck in contraction from running at the post office all day long, so I know how that feels… Come, come to the far far north where the days are sweet and warm =)

  14. Lily said:

    That little array of colourful apartments is so cute!! The mountain scene is just breathtaking…you really are one lucky girl!

  15. emma said:

    beautiful !!!
    you’re so luckkkyyy
    and i bet the food was sooo good too it looks so good =_=

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