Venetian adventure

I decided to take a day off today to revive & study and now having a break from it to post up photos from my brief meeting with Venice while I was in Italy. It was a pretty extraordinary day because everything that could go wrong, went wrong, except for Venice who was beautiful :)

The trains were all booked out and since we only had this opportunity to go to Venice, we were happy to pay the full price of €70 to sit in the backage compartment. Normally it should take 3 hours from Prato to Venice, but due to incompetent train driver (which we all agreed must’ve been a “work experience guy”) took 5 hours because he took the wrong tracks ~_~;; hence our time in Venice diminished from 5 hours to 3 hours! We sped out of the train station and brisked walked/sprinted around Venice and did “Venice in summary.”

Here are the photos from the moment we ran out of the train station!


Extreme speedy lunch

The lasagna was so damn good, pity we had to churn it down

Flat peaches! A “must eat” according to a fellow baggage compartment traveller :p

Piazza San Marco!

Fortunately we were able to swap our tickets for later ones which added another hour and a half to our time in Venice. Unfortunately our problems didn’t end there! From Venice to Prato we had to change trains twice. We successfully changed trains at Bologna but then… it was around 1am and we were all exhausted from running around Venice so we were all dosing off. The train stops at a station called Firenze Rifredi and we thought “Nahh.. we are meant to get off at Florence (ie. Firenze) and Firenze SMN is the main station so we are most likely meant to get off there.” 20 minutes later the train doesn’t stop… “Errr… Firenze SMN should be close to Firenze Rifredi!” Anisha, who was responsible for our tickets decides to look at the tickets (now) and realises we were meant to get off a station ago! We decide we will just get off the next station, which will probably be Arezzo. Half an hour later… the train hasn’t stopped…

We ask the gentlemen sitting in our carriage, what the next stop was and he replied, “Rome.” For a few moments we found this amusing because 1. Prato (where our hotel was) was north. Rome was south (3 hours south!) 2. The boys always joked about ending up in Rome because all roads led to Rome. But that humour ended quickly because Anisha had a plan to catch in Florence at 9 that morning and it was approaching 4am and we were travelling away from Florence!

All in all, everything worked out. We caught a train BACK to Florence & slept in the corridoors without getting caught by the tickets inspectors (thank goodness!) and were greeted by our “supervisor/leader” who had Anisha’s things packed and a taxi for her to go to the airport. After our farewells, we taxied back to Prato, slept for 2 hours and then headed off to spend a day in Lucca :p 

  1. Anna said:

    Haha! Funny story! And way too gorgeous photos! I have to visit Italy sometimes!

  2. emma said:

    it’s so beautiful, you’re so lucky! but im glad everything worked out! it sounded like an amazing trip and an amazing adventure!
    count yourself lucky to have a story to tell ^_^

  3. Lorik said:

    hahaha~ what an adventure!! it always seems very stressful during, but afterwards, when you look back…it’s awesome ^________^ the photos are so beautiful~
    i am glad you had a good time in Italy~~

  4. Jen said:

    Great photos. You captured Italy right there! And seriously, what a wild adventure you guys had on the train. Glad it all worked out. OMG, can you imagine what would have happened if it didn’t!? Okay, no don’t think about it, just be glad it all worked out. :)

  5. Kim said:

    Wow, that’s so beautiful and adventurous! I think it will be a nice way to remember Italy. I want to travel the world now… even if it is a financial burden, haha.

  6. Shiri said:

    Beautiful photos. Absolutely gorgeous! I want to visit that place..someday.

  7. tiff said:

    You have incredible photos of your trip to Italy. Take me next time please!

  8. Daisy said:

    venice looks so beautiful!
    i love the water and boats and everything in the photos, looks like the most romantic place ever! ;_;
    & “all roads lead to rome” haha xD

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