I have too much time & am becoming nostalgic

Ratatouille was on television tonight and it suddenly made me miss Italy. :( The food, the people, the language, the culture! My aim is to post most of my Italian memories by the end of this year! I still have train and plane tickets, food, clothes, card and souvenir receipts lying on my bedside table, not wanting to throw them away. Here are some photos of the beautiful Medieval Tuscan town, Prato, which I stayed in during my 2 and a half week get away. A pleasant town, delicious cuisine, funny night life, enclosed by castle walls and a  moat, with a two main roads which crossed over at the town’s centre and only a 30 minute train ride from Florence, it was the ideal place for the Tuscan… Italian experience.

View from the roof of our hotel. There were some lovely leather couches up there too which made it the perfect place for drinks and chatter.

Every morning and every night we walked along cobblestone-layed streets like this one. Believe it or not this is a one of Prato’s 2 main roads :p When a bus came truddling down, we would have to squash against the walls to avoid being squished, hehe~

All the houses had majestic wooden double doors with beautiful door handles. I wanted to take the doors home for my future house!

Duomo di Prato (The Cathedral of Prato). The balcony on the right was crafted by Donatello!

Town square

Outside Prato; outside the castle walls

When my friend saw this, he absolutely freaked! I’ve never seen my friend so speechless before! He walked along the wall and stared at this in such awe and respect which was later on repeated by myself in the Uffizi gallery, haha. It’s by an Italian graffiti artist named Blu. It’s an amazing piece of work which runs along a wall under a bridge telling the story of evolution of animal to man and back to animal.

The Emperor’s Castle

I could imagine, that there was once a hall where feasts were held. Now it’s an outside cinema :p

So beautiful…

As we were strolling along, bubbles flew passed our noses and we decided to follow them and find the source. We were lead to an adorable toy store with this teddy sitting outside.

Monash Uni Prato campus!!!! :D We went here for 2 lectures with the Arts students and Internet access :p Why can’t Med students come here and study? Damn you Law and Arts students!

The most out of place thing you’ll ever see, however it stands proudly at one of the entrances into this charming town. Can’t remember who made it, but apparently it’s meant to represent a woman’s “ahem.” xP  

*Sigh* I miss you Italy…

  1. Tara said:

    Awwww. I must say that you missing Italy is like me missing Japan :( I want to go back there, so badly, and take more pictures like you did and not erase it on accident again ~_~;;

    These pictures are all lovely. Thanks for sharing! I have to get my butt to Europe one day!

  2. Bonnie said:

    my school had the oppurtunity to go to europe and visit italy last year… it was too expensive so i didn’t get the chance to. but the pictures and stories makes me very jealous !

  3. Ana said:

    Your pictures are really nice, my favorite if the one of the door ^.^

    I miss some of the countries I’ve lived in or visited too, one think that I always miss most about each is the unique food :p

    Hope you get to visit Italy again in the future though.

  4. Ellina said:


    Omg, how awesome is that!

    The photos look gorgeous. I’d love to visit the place one day T.T It’s absolutely so nice to see what’s out there other than my hometown ;)

  5. Daisy said:

    gorgeous photos as always
    i love all the castles & walls, and the narrow streets between buildings
    everything seems to have so many stories behind it

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