Memories of Mana Island, Fiji


Cocktails on Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island, FIji

Mana Island Resort and Spa, Fiji

Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island jetski, Fiji

Snorkelling, Mana Island, Fiji

Mana Island, Fiji

I travelled to Fiji in 2011 and never got around to posting the rest of my photos. I used to think Fiji was one island, it wasn’t until I set travel plans in place that I realised Fiji was made up of many islands. We spent 4 days on the main island- Viti Levu, 7 days on a smaller island called Mana Island then 3 days on the main island again. Despite it’s size, it only took us 10 minutes to walk from one side to the other, Mana Island had a lot of relaxing and fun activities to keep us preoccupied :o)

1. On our way to Mana Island 2. First cocktail on Mana Island 3. Fresh flowers everyday 4. Our little home on the island 5. The cutest Japanese girl performing with the other kids from the kids club 6,7,8. Parasailing 9. Hermit crabs on the beach 10. Photo op with the dancers 11. more cocktails! 12. Relaxing in the pool 13. Jetskiing 14. Snorkelling 15. Bye bye Mana Island!

More photos? Photos from main island Viti Levu

  1. tiff said:

    Fiji/Mana Island looks incredible! How many countries have you visited so far? It seems like you’ve been all over the place, which is really cool. xD

    • Leanne said:

      Not that many. I’ve been to Vietnam with family (but only the South), Italy, Fiji, Austria and the States but only New York. :o)

  2. Cat said:

    Wow, that looked like an amazing trip! I love places that feel tropical. The photos actually remind me of my trip to Hawaii.

    I’ve been parasailing too! I liked how quiet and peaceful it was, but I had to keep myself from looking down. The height was kind of scary, haha. Snorkling was my favorite water activity though. I’m glad you guys had fun there!

  3. Amanda said:

    It’s so pretty & the pictures are gorgeous! I wish I had the time and money to travel.

    You just made this one of my definite places to visit as soon as I can ^__^. I love the beach. I like the idea of getting to visit different islands, too. Makes it feel like it’s more than just “one place” that I’d be visiting.

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