Dior and I

It sometimes takes a night out on the town to get one re-inspired. My friend and I attended the Melbourne International Film Festival on Wednesday night and watched the documentary Dior and I.

The documentary gives us a behind the scenes of the making of a Dior Couture collection, which also coincides with the newly appointed  creative director Raf Simons. Raf is given the monumental task of creating a Couture collection in only 8 weeks for a brand with so much history and prestige. We also meet the other staff like the ateliers, managers, CEO and tailors who make Dior happen and laugh, cry and stress with them as they balance private clients and making this new collection happen.

It was amazing to see the creative process behind the collection, from the mood boards to sketches to the sewing table and then the runway.. and Raf doesn’t even sketch! I enjoyed how the documentary spent its time with the ateliers, their workmanship is extraordinary and  they truly make Dior.

Watching this documentary reiterated why I enjoy creating and to create art which people live in without realising is truly a dream come true. It definitely gave me the much needed motivation to keep working and I’m now more keen to watch more fashion documentaries!

PS. The eye palette above is the only Dior product I have! The beautiful photo is by Melvin Sokolsky from Paris 1963.

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  1. Cat said:

    I haven’t heard of this documentary. It sounds interesting though! I really like behind the scenes type things, especially areas that I’m not familiar with :)

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