The sun is here again, the nights are more bearable and I’m slowly shredding away my second doona… Spring is only a few days away!

I will not miss Winter. I dislike the cold, the stuffiness of multiple thick layers of clothing, and especially the Winter blues… but I will miss one thing.. my favourite Winter flower- poppies! I’ve been finding it hard to find these delicate beauties until a lovely milliner gave me some tips. Over the weekend I ran to the market to grab them before the season was over and for only $6. I’ve had them for four days and they are surprising me everyday with new colours.


Even the one with a broken stem which I’ve popped into a jar is blooming already.

  1. Cat said:

    Poppies are so pretty! I love how bright their colors are. I’m not a big fan of winter too. It requires too much clothing, and then when you’re indoors, you have to figure out what to do with the outer layers you were wearing. I like spring and autumn better!

  2. Thao said:

    They’re so pretty! I wish I was better about growing flowers. I would love to have fresh flowers indoor everyday.

    I’m so ready for a change of season again. Summer has been too long and hot here.

  3. shoko said:

    what beautiful colors!

  4. Tara said:

    Oh, they are gorgeous! I really love the colour :D

    And I’m so ready for winter. I’d rather take the cold, the multiple layers, and snow than take this heat and humidity of Seoul! So huzzah to you for spring and huzzah to me for autumn!

  5. Amanda said:

    The poppies are beautiful! I love winter, but I’m definitely keen on some summer sun and beach time. I didn’t even realise that poppies were winter flowers, though.

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