Hand lettering a forgotten art

This time off has really allowed me to delve into activities I’ve always wanted to do but never got the time or was shit scared. Discovering the Graphic Design world has definitely opened up doors for that since most of my dreams evolve around creativity and travel.

After seeing the extraordinary progress of one of my friends in typography after she attended a hand lettering and a sign painting workshop I was inspired to try these workshops myself. I think what makes me hesitate to attend these creative workshops is the fear of not being good enough. But looking at my friend’s progress and these workshops, I realise it’s more about the handwork and willingness to learn and only a little bit of talent.

The hand lettering/calligraphy/copperplating workshop is organised by a lovely studio/school called Old School New School. I was immediately drawn to the warmth and genuiness of the studio and Veronica (the wonderful creative director and teacher). I’ve been a little cynical about workshops of late having seen a surge in them recently all over the internet, making me question the authenticity about them and the bloggers behind them.

Veronica is a graphic designer and definitely has a passion for bringing back pre-digital typography and connecting her students and she’s also lovely to boot! How many teachers do you know actually bake for you? Her home is a cosy creative space with an affectionate Scottie Dog and two gorgeous cats who are always hovering in the background.

The class was amazing! It was frustrating, rewarding and purely fun. I came away with a desire to get better and now am kind of obsessed, haha! There’s something really therapeutic about sitting down with a cup of tea and being immersed in the shapes of letters and feeling the ink flow through the nib. With the world of computers, it’s so easy to forget the art behind type. I enjoy choosing fonts now I’m getting a buzz from actually writing/creating a font! It’s definitely a skill I want to play more with and I’m so excited for the Type Carousal workshop she is planning which will include more typography and hand lettering goodness.

  1. Thao said:

    “Keep learning to create beautiful things.” That’s just so inspirational. I think I might just have to steal that quote and put it on my wall!

    I’m so glad you had a great workshop experience. I’ve been looking at a few workshops myself, but I haven’t signed up yet. I used to be cynical when I was in school and learning was just all around me. Once I started working, I started craving for learning opportunities and these workshops started to look so interesting and valuable.

  2. Tara said:

    That looks really cool! I’d never do it since my fine motor skills are absolute crap, but I do admire people who can do calligraphy and other letter art :D I wouldn’t mind doing a photography workshop, though, since that doesn’t require me to have awesome fine motor skills, so I think I’ll look into that because that quote “Keep learning to create beautiful things” is so true. As a writer, I write what I know, so the more I know, the better I can be at the trade ^^

  3. Cat said:

    That’s great that you found a good class for hand lettering :) I love looking at people’s calligraphy. It’s so pretty and makes me want to learn too. I’ve been hesitant on attending workshops too, and end up taking my time by teaching myself. I should probably look into a workshop or two :)

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