Fiji: Viti Levu

It has been difficult getting back into “reality” after 2 weeks of sunkisses, snorkelling, playing in waterfalls and sipping cocktails at the pool bar. Fiji was amazing! I feel like I’ve seen ever inch of the country at a nice relaxing pace. The people are extremely friendly and we met many great locals and tourists.

Here are some photos from Viti Levu (main island) and Denarau Island (where all the resorts are):

Torches lit at 6pm every night at The Radisson Resort

Lobster at Cross restaurant at The Radisson

My favourite flower at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant: Ballerina Orchid

Kula Eco Park; after this photo I also had an iguana on my head, touched a baby boa & fed turtles

Sigatoka Sandunes

Horseriding along Natadola beach

Crab at Bohai Restaurant – the locals highly recommended this place

Cute Fijian children- their mother made them stand together for the photo, hehe

Kava ceremony with the chief of a village near the Navua river. Kava is the “booze” for Fijians. Totally different effects to alcohol; makes your mouth go numb afterwards and excess will cause a smile on your face and sleep.

Beautiful scenery of Navua river

White water kayaking- warming up

Jumping into the waterfall for a swim after a long day of whitewater kayaking

Happy Hour at the Radisson pool bar :D

View of sunset from the Westin Resort & Spa

  1. Jenii said:

    GORGEOUS PHOTOS. Looks like the trip was FABULOUS. The photos really do convey a sense of calm and “chill”. It must be so hard to adjust back!!

    Those flowers are gorgeous!! And kava sounds interesting :D dowanttry!

    Are the horses full grown??

  2. f said:

    Wow! I’d love to go to an island country like that, but the closest I’ll ever be to being on an island is Hawaii, haha

  3. Georgina said:

    My gosh, this looks so exotic and fun! I’m glad you had a good time. I can’t believe how bright green that lizard is hahaha. :D

    I’m glad you have some pictures to take away from this. I love the ballerina orchids, so pretty. It’s always nice to be welcomed into a different country with such friendly people when you’re visiting. <3

  4. Tina said:

    Oh wow! It looks like you had a lot of fun! The seafood looks delicious and Fiji seems fun and beautiful :D Envious~

  5. Thao said:

    My goodness! It looks beautiful – complete paradise! The lobster looks delicious! And you jumped down a waterfall!??!?! You go girl!

  6. Minna said:


    I want to go to Fiji I want to go to Fiji I want to go to Fiji I want to go to Fiji I want to go to Fiji !!!!!!!!!!!

    I want Kava tooooo!

    & drinks in the pool.

    & sunkisses!

    & horseback riding at the beach!

    & I'm so jealous! I bet medical school doesn't sound very tempting now huh? Doesn't for me either. Oh, anatomy, here we come!

  7. Minna said:

    That Iguana looks unreal! :-D

  8. zoraida said:


    I’m loving all that seafood you got to eat! Hehe, I’m glad you had a great time!!

  9. Lissy said:

    Looks amazing! glad you had a good time :)

  10. Jane said:

    I have never tried lobster before, but that photo has given me a real craving for it :)

  11. Ana said:

    The place looks gorgeous and the food looks so delish! I’m glad you had so much fun. I wish I can go visit there. It looks so exotic and beautiful!

    The waterfall is TODIEFOR. I want to go there nownownow! :P

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