3 Cities in 7 Days: Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna definitely could not fit into a single post so this is the 2nd part of Vienna at Schönbrunn Palace. The palace and its gardens are huge so deserves a post of its own :)

The Gloriet – I was recommended to try the pastries here however I wasn’t the only one with the same idea; full of tourists!

The gardens were lovely especially since it was Autumn. They were huge and I found myself lost several times while finding places.

The Gardens is home to the oldest zoo in the world! It’s a very large zoo too! I had a lot of fun looking at all the animals and trying to capture funny moments.

This was too cute; a baby seal tentatively going down the stairs!

The bears weren’t very social that day. I have pandas, red pandas and speckled bears with their backs turned away. ^^;;

Largest Greenhouse in Europe!

I hate mazes but I wanted to take a photo of the Mazes and Labrynth section of the gardens… unfortunately to take a decent photo you needed to go through the maze… it was terrible! 0_o”

I didn’t go inside the palace because there were so many tourists and after travelling through Graz, Salzburg and Munich I think I’ve seen enough palaces and castles for one trip. :p It is a little bit cheaper if you purchase a ticket package that includes entry into the palace and zoo and mazes for example. However I wasn’t keen on going inside the palace so I purchased separate tickets for each destination on the palace grounds. :p

So that officially ends my travel photo diary for my Austrian Medical Elective 2011. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed reminiscing the adventures and the wonderful people I’ve met. I highly recommend you travel alone sometime- it opens up different experiences to when you’re travelling with people! :)

  1. abby said:

    you’re a lucky lady. I got to go there, but the zoo was about to close and so we didn’t have time to go. otherwise i was able to get around for the most part. i skipped the maze because i got scared, haha.

    OMG i swear this place is beautiful. I could remember going through the palace and just enjoying the views. perhaps one day i’ll get the chance to travel there again.

  2. Mei said:

    Wow Vienna! I’ve been seeing different blogs about Vienna and I couldn’t resist to add it on one of my dream places to go to! You are so lucky to visit three cities in 1 week. I wish I could go abroad and visit awesome places.

  3. M said:

    wow you must be having so much fun :D

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