Awesome randomness :p

I haven’t been up to much. 2011 began on a mellow note and has stayed that way :) I’m drinking more water, going on hours long window shopping expeditions, attempting to meditate, working, wearing my new pair of Sass & Bide jeans everywhere, lazing on the couch watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and painting.

I’m trying to watch ‘The Proposal’ right now but am having a horrible time streaming it off Megavideo – it takes a long time to load and stops me at 72 minutes! D: Any reccomendations on good sites for free streaming of movies? I’m a huge fan of Sandra Bullock so decided to watch it. Never saw why Ryan Renolds is hot, but I take back my words. He has a nice guy, guy next door charm with a killer body. Mmmm. I hope they get together — they are such awesome people :D Haha I’m starting to sound like a gossip-wierd-fan-girl nut.

From gossip to rant. I went to the Post Office yesterday to send off packages and after a long wait in the queue I get told that I can’t send what I wanted to send to America. What?! It was all wrapped nicely too. -__-;;

Oh yeah! Sorry this is such a random post, but a little bit of an annoucenement; drumroll … I will be on a plane to Fiji in 6 days! The long awaited get away I have been dreaming about for a year. Well technically I had Brazil in my mind but my current budget agrees better with Fiji :)

  1. jessica said:

    I’m a big fan of, you can try that ^^ It might take a while to load, but you can always download from the site and it usually ends up in high quality :)

    Enjoy your trip to Fiji! It’s always nice to get away~

  2. zoraida said:

    i hate megavideo but i’ve already seen the proposal so .. lol idk where else to watch it online~

    ooo fiji! that sounds awesome. have fun! :D

  3. Thao said:

    My roommates and I have been using but it’s more for TV shows than movies, although they do have some. I watched The Proposal for Sandra too, but I didn’t really like that movie as much as her other ones.

    How I Met Your Mother!! Love! I’ve also been crazy about The Big Bang Theory.

    Aw post office troubles. I know your pain. They’re a lot more strict now. :(

  4. Lorik said:

    I use megavideo too ;____; my sister uses netflix….but it’s not free…but it’s pretty awesome~
    HAVE FUN!!! YAYYYYYYY FIJI ^__________^ <3
    Be safe and have a blast <3

  5. Lissy said:

    Ryan Renolds, yum :P
    sorry you couldn’t ship your package :( that sucks.
    Fiji huh? nice!

  6. Wow Fiji! That is literally the other side of the globe for me!

  7. Jenii said:

    The US has been all butthurt about mail during the holidays. So annoying!!

    Haven’t seen “The Proposal”…I think I heard bad things about it.

    WOOOOOT FIJI! Take lots of photos :D:D

  8. Simone said:

    I’ve tried far too many times to watch free movies online but I have yet to find a good site, so I just don’t try anymore -_-

    Just traveling 5 miles from home would put a nice smile on my face (:

    I don’t even want to talk to her. I just have no desire what so ever to hear anything she has to say. What she did has NO explanation.

    Studying to be a doctor is great! XD
    I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field but as of now I have no idea to be what. As I get older and learn more the choice just keeps getting harder. A counselor at my school let me know that I could always go to college undecided and soon enough I’ll know exactly what I want to study.

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