New camera, new art

Dad came home yesterday with a surprise belated Christmas (and making-it-through-another-year-of-Med) present! T’was a lovely spank’n Canon IXUS 210 IS Touch to replace my beloved ol’ faithful Canon IXUS 55 who I’ve captured moments with since 2003.

I’m going to miss you old Canon IXUS 55, we’ve been through so much: highschool formals, graduation, uni orientation, first 4 years of uni, Italy, roadtrips, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22nd Birthdays… but you’ll still be kept in the family now that I’ll be passing you to my dad.

Polaroid, Fisheye 2, Lubitel 166+

I’m excited with the extra clarity with the 14.1 pixels though the touchscreen is something I’ll have to get used to :D The pink/purple colour will definitely help with easy identification and go nicely with my lil’ cam collection. :p Can’t wait to start shooting with this! :D

BTW, have you met Nerdy Rabbit?

I received him last year as a present. Handmade by the talented CatRabbit, who is a textiles artist residing in Tasmania. I’ve been wanting her unique and cute creations since forever and to have a piece of her work in my possession got me so excited. All her pieces are one of a kind because she makes them by hand. He sits on the shelf overlooking my room :)

  1. Ana said:

    Congrats on getting a new camera! I love the colour of the camera! And the clarity of the pictures, wow! I replaced my ANCIENT Olympus 2.5 megapixel digital camera (told ya it’s ancient, bought it in 2000, lol) with a Nikon D90 DSLR but it’s so bulky to bring it around -.-

    Nerdy Rabbit is so cute! :P

  2. M said:

    nerdy rabbit is pretty awesome thumbs up

  3. Aww what a cute rabbit! I love handmade things. They have this kind of specialty to it. My boyfriend likes making a lot of things out of wood, and he’s made me a few pieces of jewellery which weren’t absolutely perfect, but I still treasure them. :)

    Yay for the new camera! I have two, though they aren’t technically completely mine. They are both used among the family but I use them the most. It’s amazing you’ve kept your camera for that long; I didn’t have a digital camera until 2006. Before that I used the film ones – which were okay, but I didn’t like that often the flash just screwed up everything. XD

    PS. I don’t mind being called Georgie at all :3

  4. Jenii said:

    What an awesome gift!! A most excellent collection indeed! Woot! I think my dica is on its way out as well (such a SLOW shutter speed…gyah) but I might just “permanently borrow” the Tomato’s SLR XD

    OMGGGGGGG NERDY RABBIT IS MY HERO?!!! I love the expression and how he’s made by hand. The stitched label is darling!!

  5. Lissy said:

    nice! Looks similar to my camera except mine didn’t come in pink :( and it doesn’t have a touch screen. I don’t know why everything has a touchscreen now. Is it really necessary? I had such a hard time using my phone before because my hands were so cold, lol.

  6. Anna said:

    What a cute new camera! And I love your camera collection! Polaroid and fisheye ♥ That rabbit is cute as hell :D!! I especially love the effect on the photos of him.

  7. Minna said:

    Hehe, takes some imagination to see the rabbit in him! :-D

    And I spot and ANATOMY BOOK! Yay!!!!!

    I always wanted and IXUS too, that’s a really great gift from your dad ;-) Go shoot!

  8. Amanda said:

    Ooh yay for the new camera! I’m not sure which precise model my sister’s is, but she’s got one of the Canon ixus touch ones too. Whenever I borrow it, I have a love-hate relationship with the touch screen cos it allows you to select a precise point to focus on via the touch-screen, but it gets annoying when you accidentally touch it, haha.

    Aaaand, Nerdy rabbit is super cute!

  9. Thao said:

    HOW CUTE!! I love the details on your Nerdy Rabbit. Definitely wish I was talented enough to make stuff animals.

    Have fun with your new camera!

  10. Maggie said:

    Awww that nerdy rabbit is soo cute! I want one of my own haha.

    Yay for getting a new camera, I too love the colour. :)

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