2010 Review

I headed into 2010 nervous but excited. It was a year of huge leaps academically and personally. I moved away to a rural town to study my 4th year of Medicine, which thrilled me having wanted to gain independence since highschool, but also brought along challenges as I struggled to cope with the task of 4th year and looking after myself. 2010 you’ve been a hard but rewarding year which will play a significant role for the years to come :) Here’s my summary of you:

Things I’ve learnt in 2010:

  • Stop making excuses and take responsibility for your goals!
  • Jealousy is the green-eyed monster which will only grow and will not get you any closer to where you want to be. Acknowledge people’s success, don’t be envious.
  • Love yourself — no matter what the circumstances you are always gold. The only person which has the power to make things better is you, not your parents or friends or lover — they can add to it, but it is your perception that matters.
  • Eating poorly (ie. irregularly) causes tiredness and horrible headaches

Things I did in 2010 that I’d never done before (get ready for a huge list)!

  • Road trip along the eastcoast to the Blue Mountains – hiked to the bottom of a valley and stood on a waterfall
  • Lived away from home for a year — loved it!
  • Winery tour around East Gippsland
  • Hold a “Girls’ Night In” to raise money for Breast Cancer research- cocktails, chocolate covered strawberries + Glee is all you need!
  • Delivered three babies — it was a requirement to pass my Obstetrics rotation ^^;;
  • Assisted with gynaecological surgeries, actually assist, not just stand there like last year

  • Went to the Bairnsdale races! (First time I’ve been to a horseracing event)
  • Sutured 2 kiddies’ penis — don’t ask =__=;;
  • Excised skin lesions
  • Consulted patients in my own room at a GP clinic
  • Tell a woman she’s pregnant
  • Help a mother deal with the loss of a baby — it was one of the most frightening and sad things I’ve dealt with in Medical school

  • Have a “Roman Murder Mystery” themed birthday party- it was so much fun, I was the wife of the murdered man
  • Make a gingerbread house – next mission is to make a HUGE one! xD
  • Enjoyed high tea on a charming farm property
  • Discovered the combination maple syrup + crispy bacon = scrumptious!
  • Wear a sari :D

  • Go on a Winery Cruise in Lakes Entrance
  • Dine at (some of my favourites) MoVida Aqui, Izakaya Den, Number 8, French Crepery Cafe, Basque
  • Found that British comedy is really good – credit to my housemate for introducing me to this :)
  • Drink Parisienne absinthe
  • Attend a fashion show in a rundown shed

I didn’t fulfil any of my resolutions this year so I’ve decided on a different tact. 2011 will be about “looking after myself”  better and all my goals will be around that mantra.

I am feeling a tad fidgety entering 2011 as it will be a “year of transitions” as I will make my way through the final year of Med school. It will be the official last chapter of being “the student”, “the no responsibility position” before being swept up into the real world of paychecks, overtime and no beloved long uni holidays. I know it is going to be a momentous and meaningful year and will try my hardest to put into action all I’ve learnt about myself in previous years into it.

Thank-you 2010 for the new friendships and experiences; hello 2011- can’t wait to get to know you better!

  1. Veronica said:

    Its so true! Jealousy can be social suicide! great job on your accomplishments, happy new year!

  2. Simone said:

    It sounds like 2010 was pretty wild ride for you! I hope 2011 will be even better.

    I don’t bother making new years resolutions because they can never be kept but in 2011 like you I plan on looking after myself. I’m trying a new approach and hopefully it’ll keep me happy.

    BTW, what are you actually studying to become? It seems interesting (:

  3. M said:

    seems like yo uwere pretty busy!
    best wishes for 2011

  4. Georgina said:

    I think it’s truly inspirational that you’ve been studying in med school. I really find that inspiring. Sounds like you had a lot of ‘medical moments’, but I believe you learned a lot. Not cool about the penises though, haha. When you do things you have never done before, you definitely learn something new.

    I’m glad you had a good year! But sometimes we do have to farewell being a student. We all need to get there at some point in life, so be glad that you’ve made it this far. :D

    I’ve been jealous a LOT this year – that needs to stop down my end too!

    Haha I definitely NEED to try kangaroo now! I live in Sydney. :D I just realised you live in Melbourne, hehe. ^_^;;

    I hope you have a lovely new year! <333

  5. Ana said:

    Wow, you’ve done and experienced so much in 2010. Sounds like an awesome year for you. I think in a way, it will only take us a year to learn and experience new things. I’m looking forward to all the things that I will learn in 2011 :)

    I hope your 2011 will be filled with tonnes of smiles and happiness. Happy New Year! :)

  6. Zoraida said:

    You’ve been quite busy last year! It feels so weird to think that last year was only yesterday … but whatever!

    I’ve made a few resolutions but I think they’re quite easy so I feel like a cheat. Hahahaha.

  7. Amanda said:

    Wow, your lists were both very epic and thorough but both the “things you learned” and “things you tried” have put me in awe. A lot of those things you “learned” are things that we all “know” in theory, but don’t really put into practice – you know? Like it’s common sense that we don’t follow…

    Also, can i just say – sutured 2 kiddies’ penises… uhh whut?!?!?!!! What did they do?!

  8. Lissy said:

    Delivered 3 babies? Wow. Haven’t seen that on anyone else’s list. Actually, I think your the first med student I’ve seen with a blog. Sounds like you had a lot of fun this year too. No wonder you don’t have time to eat regularly :D

  9. Thao said:

    You’ve had quite a year! It sounds like you’ve learned and grown a lot during 2010. And really went out and lived life.

    I wish you the best for 2011 and I know you can definitely accomplish whatever it is that you set your heart to!

  10. Jenii said:

    What a busy year you had. Sounded fantastic…like I book I read XD

    But like the other said, it sounds like you learned a lot and grew up a lot. Came to terms with oneself is always a big step and is liberating.

    Best wishes for you in the new year! May you find happiness and warm in 2011 and every year after!

    PS: I have a new year’s postcard to post you…if you would kindly email me your address XD (jenhas AT meowfats.net)

  11. Ongaku said:

    Wow! What a busy and eventful year! That is awesome. Mine was decent in some of the fun stuff but I’m hoping 2011 will be much better for me. xD

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