I was looking at WordPress for a client and then I found myself looking at my blog and realising that I missed blogging…

I don’t know where to start seeing I was mostly absent in 2014. Well I guess 2014 in short… I took a break from Medicine; met a boy; went to the Polo and felt like Pretty Woman; went to the beach… many times!; saw cool sand sculptures; did 3 months of study, had a lot of fun and graduated with Certificate IV in Graphic Design; did a few design internships and jobs and realised design work and design study are totally different…

Bought a mushroom gelato cake for a friend; got sick, then sicker then improved; went to a Beer festival & tasted a beer called Godzilla which reminded me of miso soup and beer mixed together; came to the conclusion that unpaid internships are not cool; got obsessed with poppies over Winter; watched lots of movies…

Turned 26 and had a small celebration with a red velvet cake, old fashioned cocktails and polaroid snaps with my closest pals; missed Medicine; was a finalist in an Australian Design competition; had a poster exhibited in London raising money for Cancer Research; attended calligraphy and sign painting workshops; saw Once the Musical and loved it; still undecided with what to do with Medicine; saw a Dior documentary which was amazing and reminded me of my love for fashion and all things design; attended the Korean film festival; learnt I had to get used to being with myself and had to take care of myself more; perused a few Design Markets; designed wedding invitations for a friend; finished Naruto!!!; celebrated Christmas and then brought in the New Year with drinks at a hidden Japanese bar and fireworks. Phewww…!

2014 was meant to be a wobbling finding myself year and to my dismay a year is not long enough. Let’s hoping 2015 brings a bit more clarity.. and more photos that are not from my dodgy old iPhone :p



The sun is here again, the nights are more bearable and I’m slowly shredding away my second doona… Spring is only a few days away!

I will not miss Winter. I dislike the cold, the stuffiness of multiple thick layers of clothing, and especially the Winter blues… but I will miss one thing.. my favourite Winter flower- poppies! I’ve been finding it hard to find these delicate beauties until a lovely milliner gave me some tips. Over the weekend I ran to the market to grab them before the season was over and for only $6. I’ve had them for four days and they are surprising me everyday with new colours.


Even the one with a broken stem which I’ve popped into a jar is blooming already.

I’d be lying if I was saying that this ‘chasing your dreams’ thing is super easy. It’s like I’m re-writing the last 7-8 years of my life because unfortunately there’s no smooth transition from Designer to Doctor. I have to start from the beginning and climb through the ladder of employment. Hey I look at my work as a doctor fondly and rather proudly, but damn it is hard doing all this all again and it’s very different too!

Suddenly I’m caught between two worlds. I’m knocking on the door of design employment hoping to get noticed and it’s hard not to feel ignore or left out when amongst my med buddies or friends who are in stable careers. But I’m chipping away…

Since graduation I’ve done a 2 week intern stint at a Design studio and despite the short duration I’ve learnt a lot about the technical and logistical issues which one does not learn in school. In between work and currently I’ve been scouting out for more internships or junior positions and entering design competitions and signing up to workshops to learn more skills.

It’s a hard industry to get your feet into and seeing my friends’ Facebook updates about progressing in their careers and being amazing doctors has made it hard as I’m feeling I’m falling behind the pack. I could be a Medical Registrar or GP Registrar, but then I heard this great quote from an ex-Neurosurgeon on Project Runway, “I could do something I’m good at but I’d rather do something I’m passionate about.”

I took this year off to give this Design dream a good crack. I need to keep reminding myself to keep at it!




When I was looking for a place to study Graphic Design I had a specific list of criteria:

1. Duration: Having studied Medicine for 5 years, I didn’t really want to endure another 3 years stuck in university sitting in a lecture. I wanted a course which was not too long but also used its time effectively. Also I had given myself a year off to see how chasing my dreams will go and I wanted to see what real life design was like, not just in a classroom.

2. Real life application: What made my Medical School really good was that it was very practical. Third year into the course we were moved into the hospital system and learnt while we worked, hence when I became an Intern I didn’t struggle as much as the kids who spent more time at uni. I wanted a design course to be like that. Set it up like life in a studio and also be up to date with the current design trends, not just focus on one thing and make you sign up for another course to do another component.

3. No prior experience: It was immensely frustrating to find courses which required previous experience. You needed a portfolio and to pass an interview to get in. I understand that’s necessary for some but it made it difficult for people who were looking for a change like me.  People who dreamed of designing but never got a chance because of other commitments or life pressures.

Then I stumbled across Shillington College. I was at a Design market about a year and a half ago and stumbled across their stall. The old style portfolios with works in plastic sleeves laid out on wooden tables. I flipped through them, amazed by the work, received a cute typography tote and then walked away. Few months later I purchased a Computer Arts magazine and their ad was on one of the pages- I googled them. They were my perfect fit!

It then took me several months of thinking and over thinking and encouragement of friends before I applied. I applied about a month before the course started! I admit it is on the pricey side, however I do not regret this investment one bit. I still remember my first day, anxiously standing in the excruciatingly slow elevator to arrive on level 9. Walking through the white hallway and being greeted by two excited and colourful individuals- my extremely talented teachers and feeling less nervous. The classroom is like a studio, clean white walls, teacher’s computer and projector at the front and 4 lines of wooden desks with MAC computers for each student. At the back there’s a library and comfy couches and a mini kitchen. From there we could see the city as we were 9 levels up and smack bang in the hub of lane ways, design studios and boutiques.

Everyone learns differently and in this case Shillington was the perfect fit for me. I highly recommend researching and getting a hold of Computer Arts Student Handbook- The definitive guide to breaking into the industry. It lists the many ways you can learn design and the pros and cons of each avenue.

Good luck!

Woah what a jammed packed weekend! The only time I get to see my friends properly now is on the weekend so I find myself juggling catch-ups- sometimes 2 or 3 a day!

Saturday I caught up with a dear friend. We lunched at a new burger joint in my area which plays along the theme of 8bit and arcade games. Pixels flying here and there and nods to Mario, Bubble Bobble, Final Fantasy on the menu and on the decor. Happily satiated and inspired by gaming we went over to his place and played video games for the rest of the afternoon. I definitely felt I was in high school again! By the way, what an awesome rug huh? My friend’s housemate has a knack for collecting cool things.

Also helped one of my mates move into his new apartment. Most of the packing was done but he still needed some essentials to make it more like a home, so we perused Ikea and the local supermarket. Pizza for dinner then we lounged around watching Blades of Glory and White House Down. I really like the area he’s moved to, lots of great restaurants, Ikea down the road and iconic landmarks, like this Vinegar skipping girl.

Pleasant lunch on Queen’s Birthday at Three Bags Full, followed by seeing How to Train Your Dragon 2 which was alright. Not as good as the first movie. Felt the first half of the movie was awesome and then it kind of went downhill, but still love Toothless!


Hiya! I know it’s been 3-4 months and everything looks so different on the world-wide web! As some of you may know from my last last post, I have completed a Certificate IV in Design. YAYAY! It was absolutely amazing- creating art everyday was a dream come true. I never thought I’d wake up in the morning (I’m not a morning person) and be excited. Packed into three months with two talented teachers at the helm we blitzed through theory, design software and briefs (30+ briefs in 3 months!). The experience was also heightened by being surrounded by 21 like-minded individuals, despite our varying backgrounds- pharmacists, musicians, marketing majors, architects, fashion designers, event planners, we all wanted the same thing… to create beautiful and meaningful work.

It was far more busy than I expected, I was planning to sign up to Japanese classes but after the first few weeks that thought was pushed for another time. After spending 9 hours a day sitting in front of a computer and letting our creativity go to the max, all I wanted to do when I got home was shut my eyes. I thought talking medicine and seeing medicine was bad, but now my senses cannot escape bad kerning or leading. Haha. However, this course has made me view the world differently, instead of seeing design as “good or bad”, I see it’s meaning. It may not be my taste but I appreciate it for its concept and handwork the designer put into it and the world has become more beautiful because of that.

It’s been 3-4 weeks since I graduated and I admit it’s been hard sitting at home with no teacher or class mate pushing you on. I’ve never been not working or learning so having this lull is rather uncomfortable. However I took this year for a reason- to chase my dreams and to get organised, so I have..

Ah it’s so nice to be writing again :)