Snag Stand

Snag Stand

I’m really craving hot dogs right now… so thought it would be fitting to post my thoughts on this little joint in the middle of Melbourne.

Snag Stand

I love the simplicity that goes into the branding and packaging with emphasis on typography. A lot of small cafes are doing this nowadays but sometimes I think it’s overdone.

Snag Stand

The Snag Stand serves up a fancier and decadent version of the humble hot dog or the sausage and rolls you get at BBQs. There are lots to choose from and they mix it up with different kind of sausages, sauces and rolls.

Snag Stand


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7 thoughts on “Snag Stand

  1. I love the branding! I’m a sucker for typography, and I especially love that it incorporates cute and clever slogans like, “This is how we roll.” :P Those hot dogs look so yummy…

  2. Yum, those hot dogs look good! I’m normally not a fan of hot dogs, but I do like them when they’re dressed up with cool toppings or with different breading. It kind of elevates a simple food :)

  3. I hate hotdogs. I don’t know why but I’ve hated them ever since I was a child. I love Snag Stand’s grocery bag, though!

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