Week in Review 170213

Valentine's Day 2013

I would like to be more active with blogging however it’s extremely difficult with a full-time job. This week has been busy but manageable as I’m starting to get used to this “kidney thing” – I’m currently one of the residents on the Nephrology unit.

I had a fleeting thought about Valentine’s Day and didn’t expect much because my boyfriend and I are extremely busy nowadays, however he surprised me with his presence and a dozen roses which made be beam all over!

Ladro mocktail

With the hot weather lately, a mocktail is perfect for after work drinks! It’s even better when you get to mix it yourself and watch the lemonade fizz as it hits the sorbet. Tasted like fruit tingles, remember those?!

Yellow and red roses

Spent Saturday lazing around my Boyfriend’s house, watching 90s teenage flicks- “A Walk to Remember” and “10 Things I Hate About You” (yes got the boyfriend to watch “10 Things” – haha), nearly finishing a samurai sudoku (unfortunately I screwed up the last bow somewhere!); eating Yum Cha and keeping cool in Melbourne’s heat. Above are roses at his place that I couldn’t stop looking at – I like how it looks like yellow paint has been splattered all over them and the vibrant colours remind me of Lunar New Year :o)

Have a lovely week!

  1. Anna said:

    Happy valentines day! Your boyfriend is so kind :) I used to love 10 Things I Hate About You!! Such an amazing movie! Lazing around the house in the weekend is the best weekend.

  2. Nancy said:

    Even though you have a full time job, at least you’re trying your best in being active with blogging. It’s sweet of your boyfriend to come over and surprise you with roses! It sounds like you had a relaxing Saturday. Those roses at your boyfriend’s place looks really nice and pretty :)!

    Take care!

  3. Lolo said:

    Beautiful flowers~ I’m glad you had a good one, Leanne~

  4. Cat said:

    Aw, I’m glad your boyfriend surprised you with roses for Valentine’s! They’re beautiful :D My favorite weekends are usually the lazy ones. After working all week, it’s nice to do nothing!

  5. BOTH of those movies you’ve mentioned are definitely great romantic flicks to watch. God knows how many times I’ve watched “10 Thigns I hate about you”, I’ve pretty much grown up with that movie. :)

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