Things I Love

I admit it’s been a hard few weeks but with keeping my mind focused on my dreams with the help from my loved ones, I’m making progress and the next big thing is just in reach.

Other wonderful moments these last 2 weeks:

Being up to date with Naruto manga; that accomplished feeling after you’ve vacuumed a room; home-made hot chocolate; perusing book shops; collecting funky business cards; having my first interview at a design studio; inspirational type; movie marathons; feeling inspired not to give up; watching cooking shows and drooling over delicious food; discovering old resource books which are still useful; watching my friends become amazing doctors and people; my old high school friend just got hitched at City Hall in NYC and I’m so happy for her!; admiring the elaborate costumes from a Chinese drama set in Ancient times, that my mother is watching; Tim Tam bites (very addictive); fat cats with flat faces- so cute!; home cooked meat pies; hanging in living room which is the warmest room in the house; hot chocolate in vintage teacups; catching up at a funky cafe with Barbies used for table decor; rectangle tattoos; skin care shopping with my friend, well more like me following him shop, but I enjoy it; receiving an unexpected interview; signing up to a hand type workshop (I’m so excited!); still in touch with my design classmates and teachers; really wanting to give this ‘Design thing’ a good go; brainstorming gift ideas for my loved ones; perusing magazine shops and flipping through the pages; my high school friend is pregnant and she’s having a girl!; I had an interview today at a studio I absolutely adore- hope I get the internship!; when people are actually interested to get to know me; nearing the end of the thriller novel I’m reading and choosing to walk than take the tram.


Spotify’s “Cure for Loneliness” playlist – more inspiring than depressing!; chocolatey hot chocolate; complimentary miniature chocolate frogs; dresses which make you feel beautiful; snuggling under the sheets on a cold day; feeling inspired; helpful sales assistants; people who “get you” and continue to; experimenting with water-colour; appreciating the written word again; hugs; window shopping; talking comics and movies; the sun sneaking between the blinds in the morning; discovering amazing designers; wondering into florists; sitting in magazine stores and flipping through beautiful pages of design-loveliness; my friend finding a new home; craft markets; my new obsession with ceramics; reminiscing doctor days; friends who are there when you didn’t realise you needed someone; the phrase “he’s a good egg”- makes me giggle every time; listening to Jose Gonzales while I apply for design jobs; amazing teachers; watching movies; being inspired by things beyond the computer screen; talking about childhood tv shows; laughing about things in kid’s tv shows which used to scare us as kids- like Count Dracula in Sesame Street gave me the creeps while my friend was terrified by the ‘Yip yip’ monsters, haha; sketching again; catching up on Naruto manga and camomile tea.

Have a lovely weekend x

When you love what you have, you have everything you need

Writing; designing for me- I’ve been designing for others a lot lately and it’s nice to do something creative for myself; just enjoying someone’s company in silence; neck massages; breakfast dates and debriefing the previous night’s events; laughing at stupid things; laughing for no reason;  opportunities rising when you least expect it; getting excited about my plans for next year; dancing like no one’s watching; closure and finally closing the “what if” door which has been left open for 10 years; seeing my little sister happy with her new boyfriend; sipping on Milo while it’s raining outside; dabbling into cooking again; sketching in my diary and scrap pieces of paper because I left my sketchbook at home; remembering to look up every now and then; milk bars; sleeping in; using my Moleskine again; falling asleep to good music; friends being there for you at short notice; the sun streaming through my window; starting to feel confident about my Doctor’s instincts, going through travel photos; buying flowers for myself, receiving emails from family who are currently overseas and stopping to reflect  and being appreciative of what I have.

When you are stuck in night shift you become very socially isolated. Your life revolves around sleeping and working. All you can think about when you’re at work is the soft bed you will be landing in at the end of the shift and when you wake up all you do is dread the moment you have to step out into the cold night to work. Your only light is the extended days off at the end of your run but when that is taken away from you, it’s like the world has shattered… and that’s what I felt last night when I found out that after 7 nights I will only have 2 days off (which is just enough to restore my sleep cycle) before I am sent out to work non stop again.

After moping around the Emergency Department for 15 minutes, I decided to quickly scrawl down a few things I am thankful for before I felt more miserable than I already was at 5 in the morning. Believe it or not it got me back to my senses and I felt a whole lot better :o) Sometimes you’re just working like a machine and you forget to sit down to appreciate what you actually have!

Things I love: finding pizza in the staff fridge (especially when you forgot to pack snacks! ; emails from my Boyfriend who is currently having an adventure in Wales (miss him); designing more advertisement material for a charity- I love how in this day and age we have so many outlets for design!; finally updating my Iphone and being able to use Instagram again (!)- Oh I miss snapping random daily photos!; snuggling up in a blanket after a long night; long phone calls with my sister- it’s been a while since we talked and it was nice to do the “girl phone thing” which I knew so well in my teens; talking about trash TV- lately The Voice and The Block have been my favourites; Googling and Pinterest(ing?) Mexico images- I definitely have Mexico on the brain; using hot shower time to “let go”; inspirational quote posters; flowers flower flowers! When I get my own place there will always be fresh flowers; Naruto (of course); the sign pictured above- I pass this sign on my way to work as it sits across from the hospital; having chats with the on call radiographer and finding out that we’re both Vietnamese, haha~ it was quite funny because we both don’t look it, my blog’s new look, do you like it? With the limitations of customising on I’m pretty chuffed with what I managed to do, and planning my annual leave- I have Mexico booked in, now for a few more places which I shall let you know as soon as I finalise! :D

So whenever you’re having a bad run and it seems to never end, pause, write a love list… it makes things a little more bearable :o)


I feel like I haven’t had a chance to slow down in the last several days. To sit down, think and appreciate life and where I am heading. I know too well the evils of jealously and “the grass is always greener on the other side” and have a goal to be content with what I have.

So what makes life great?

Hot chocolate- added bonus if it’s decorated and there’s a marshmellow; the excitement of using up a voucher right before it expires; cuddles under the sheets after waking up; Victorian mansions; discovering amazing design blogs and being inspired; late night chats with new friends; long coffee dates with old friends; getting addicted to Castle Story- you had me at “Medieval”; getting some  design project work! *scared and excited!*; massages; fellow residents bringing me hot chocolate in the morning for handover; my colleague’s evil “cackle”, haha; The Voice blind auditions; my friend’s cat, Ruby; brainstorming dream travel destinations; designing with Jason Mraz in the background; romantic dreams; browsing bookshops- nothing beats running your fingers over a cover and flipping through the pages; working with my talented friend Syahir; getting the travel bug; fresh flowers- when I get a place of my own, there will always be flowers around! and ticking off to-do lists.

Now I better get back to ticking more things off my list before I head off to work. Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! xx

Degraves St, Melbourne

My wonderful, amazing and loving Boyfriend! Enough said! xx; nicely ironed shirts- we’ve just got a new iron- makes such a difference!; helpful people; seeing familiar faces and at the same time meeting lots of new people; cooking shows; feeling more inspired and confident to pursue my dreams; tea and cupcake dates; Garance Dore- I’ve been following her blog for a long time and I continue to enjoy reading her posts (I love her quirky personality and cute humour which exudes from her writing!) and admiring her illustrations and photographs- she’s one of my idols :) ; acceptance; reminding myself of my values; design books; wandering Melbourne’s laneways; crispy chips dipped in garlic-y aioli; reading inspiring stories; chic packaging; French accents; cute old couples going out to dinner; talking Naruto (what’s new?! ;oP); learning everyday; heart-shaped spoons; perusing little book stores and catching up with my cousins and seeing how much we’ve all grown up.

For those who celebrate Chinese or Vietnamese New Year- Happy Lunar New Year! xx

Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Nothing beats... Elmo and Cookie Monster themed cupcakes; feeling fresh and stylish after a hair cut; chilling on the balcony on a hot Summer’s night; catch up with friends over drinks; brightly coloured scooters; cute bookstores; soothing tea; meeting new people; seeing yourself and your life in a different perspective; helpful sales assistants; sketching; feeling sore and puffed out after a work up making you feel unhealthy, but good because you’re doing something about it :o); feeling more inspired to be creative; playing around with actions; flipping through my travel photos; wandering through the arcades and laneways of Melbourne and being excited about what the future holds.