A step back to go forward

I’d be lying if I was saying that this ‘chasing your dreams’ thing is super easy. It’s like I’m re-writing the last 7-8 years of my life because unfortunately there’s no smooth transition from Designer to Doctor. I have to start from the beginning and climb through the ladder of employment. Hey I look at my work as a doctor fondly and rather proudly, but damn it is hard doing all this all again and it’s very different too!

Suddenly I’m caught between two worlds. I’m knocking on the door of design employment hoping to get noticed and it’s hard not to feel ignore or left out when amongst my med buddies or friends who are in stable careers. But I’m chipping away…

Since graduation I’ve done a 2 week intern stint at a Design studio and despite the short duration I’ve learnt a lot about the technical and logistical issues which one does not learn in school. In between work and currently I’ve been scouting out for more internships or junior positions and entering design competitions and signing up to workshops to learn more skills.

It’s a hard industry to get your feet into and seeing my friends’ Facebook updates about progressing in their careers and being amazing doctors has made it hard as I’m feeling I’m falling behind the pack. I could be a Medical Registrar or GP Registrar, but then I heard this great quote from an ex-Neurosurgeon on Project Runway, “I could do something I’m good at but I’d rather do something I’m passionate about.”

I took this year off to give this Design dream a good crack. I need to keep reminding myself to keep at it!




  1. Making such a drastic career change is tough, but I hope you’ll get every bit of fulfilment out of it as you possibly can. I graduated last year, and have spent this year working in a job I really don’t think I want to do any more. At the end of the day though, you’ll be kicking yourself if you didn’t try it, so good luck to you! I’m sure most people would love to seize the opportunity like you have, but they haven’t the courage to do so!

  2. Cat said:

    That’s a big career change! I agree with the quote about going for what you’re passionate about. I think it’s better in the long run, and you’d be a lot happier doing what you really like.

    That’s great that you were able to learn a lot during your internship. I’ve always found that school builds a good foundation, but you really learn the most useful stuff with industry experience. Good luck with everything! I hope it’ll go well for you!

  3. That is definitely a big career change, but I’m glad you’re doing something you’re passionate about! I give you kudos for that, really, since many of us will not go for what we love, but for what may be more convenient and such. I wish you luck with this transition! ^^

  4. Tara said:

    And oops! I didn’t realise that I was logged into my WP account ~_~; So just letting you know that the tara.WP is me, haha!

  5. Thao said:

    I think you’re in a great position in life to be able to take a step back and make a career exploration. Many people go through these career changes, but it’s usually later in life or through a mid-life crisis when it is much harder and with many years wasted. Just keep it at it! You don’t seem to be someone who will just settle in life.

  6. Jenn~ said:

    You can do it Leanne!! <3 I think if you didn't take this break and try something you are truly passionate about you wouldn't be completely happy. Good luck!

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