Things I Love

I admit it’s been a hard few weeks but with keeping my mind focused on my dreams with the help from my loved ones, I’m making progress and the next big thing is just in reach.

Other wonderful moments these last 2 weeks:

Being up to date with Naruto manga; that accomplished feeling after you’ve vacuumed a room; home-made hot chocolate; perusing book shops; collecting funky business cards; having my first interview at a design studio; inspirational type; movie marathons; feeling inspired not to give up; watching cooking shows and drooling over delicious food; discovering old resource books which are still useful; watching my friends become amazing doctors and people; my old high school friend just got hitched at City Hall in NYC and I’m so happy for her!; admiring the elaborate costumes from a Chinese drama set in Ancient times, that my mother is watching; Tim Tam bites (very addictive); fat cats with flat faces- so cute!; home cooked meat pies; hanging in living room which is the warmest room in the house; hot chocolate in vintage teacups; catching up at a funky cafe with Barbies used for table decor; rectangle tattoos; skin care shopping with my friend, well more like me following him shop, but I enjoy it; receiving an unexpected interview; signing up to a hand type workshop (I’m so excited!); still in touch with my design classmates and teachers; really wanting to give this ‘Design thing’ a good go; brainstorming gift ideas for my loved ones; perusing magazine shops and flipping through the pages; my high school friend is pregnant and she’s having a girl!; I had an interview today at a studio I absolutely adore- hope I get the internship!; when people are actually interested to get to know me; nearing the end of the thriller novel I’m reading and choosing to walk than take the tram.

  1. Tiff said:

    You lost me at ‘being up to date with Naruto manga’. I find that impossible!

    Good luck with getting the internship :).

  2. Cat said:

    Great list! I hate vacuuming, but I totally love that feeling after doing it. I also love watching cooking shows. I watch the cooking channels more than anything else on TV. Meat pies are so good, and I think anything home cooked is makes it even better :) Congrats to your friends, and I hope the interviews went well! Good luck!

  3. shoko said:

    that’s a lot of things to be happy about! and what a lovely looking coffee :)

  4. Thao said:

    Haha, my friend and I were just talking about catching up on the Naruto manga since both of us stopped reading after he met his parents. @__@

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