Hierve el Agua

With Winter creeping in in Melbourne, my mind can’t help but wonder to warmer climates. While I was in Oaxaxa, Mexico I found the most beautiful place. Before my trip it was already on my to do list and I was so excited to discover that it was on my tour’s itinerary when I arrived. Hierve el Agua, also known as the Frozen Waterfalls.

A fifteen minute walk off the beaten track down the side of a hill, and you are created with an emerald spring overlooking the carbonated falls. It was like a secret paradise, on the edge of a cliff, just around the corner from civilisation.

We floated and splashed in the cool emerald waters and then perched ourselves up on the water’s edge to admire the view. It is more beautiful in person than on any photo. It was surreal really; when I showed my family and friends the photos, they couldn’t believe it was real, they thought it was photoshopped… and the photos were taken with my iPhone!

What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited? Which simply took your breath away?

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  1. Cat said:

    I love finding places like that to visit :) It sounds and looks beautiful! For me, some of the sights in the tropical parts of Hawaii are gorgeous. That’s part of why I like visiting Hawaii so much!

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