Things I Love

Spotify’s “Cure for Loneliness” playlist – more inspiring than depressing!; chocolatey hot chocolate; complimentary miniature chocolate frogs; dresses which make you feel beautiful; snuggling under the sheets on a cold day; feeling inspired; helpful sales assistants; people who “get you” and continue to; experimenting with water-colour; appreciating the written word again; hugs; window shopping; talking comics and movies; the sun sneaking between the blinds in the morning; discovering amazing designers; wondering into florists; sitting in magazine stores and flipping through beautiful pages of design-loveliness; my friend finding a new home; craft markets; my new obsession with ceramics; reminiscing doctor days; friends who are there when you didn’t realise you needed someone; the phrase “he’s a good egg”- makes me giggle every time; listening to Jose Gonzales while I apply for design jobs; amazing teachers; watching movies; being inspired by things beyond the computer screen; talking about childhood tv shows; laughing about things in kid’s tv shows which used to scare us as kids- like Count Dracula in Sesame Street gave me the creeps while my friend was terrified by the ‘Yip yip’ monsters, haha; sketching again; catching up on Naruto manga and camomile tea.

Have a lovely weekend x


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