Week in Review 160214

My sister (courtesy of her boyfriend) has been getting into juice. Every morning she takes out the blender and throws in whatever fruits she finds around the house, adds a handful of kale or spinach and presto! Not exactly a “juice” but it’s mashed up fruit with skins retaining all the good stuff. No part is left out except for the pips of course.

Mamasita sweetcorn ice cream

This week was a little more about catching up with friends and appointments and a little bit of shopping. I caught up with my best buds over Thai food and cocktails on Wednesday night, but before that I had a pre-dinner meal with my friend because he was hungry and couldn’t wait for the other friend to arrive. Haha. So for pre-dinner we went to Mamasita‘s and even had dessert of sweetcorn ice-cream with caramelised popcorn which was delicious… definitely reached food overload after having two dinners.

Taco Truck

There’s definitely more food trucks popping up around Melbourne lately and there are people who treat it like a sport- stalking the Facebook pages to see where the truck will be next. My friend took me to a taco truck where we had prawn and lamb tacos, which were okay coming from a truck but definitely needed more chilli.

I’m going to go run off and relax a little bit. I have a friend’s party tonight at a bar and am still recovering from going out last night!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! … I start the Graphic Design course on Monday! :D

  1. Thao said:

    How exciting! Every time I go to SF, I look for the food trucks too. I don’t know if you were able to experience that when you visited, but they have some pretty awesome variety of food trucks in the bay area.

    Lol….I had a smoothie phase…

  2. Taco truck!!! I love those! Hope to visit SF some day :D

  3. Cat said:

    Yum, that ice cream sounds awesome! I love sweet corn desserts. One of my favorites is actually a sweet corn gelato at a restaurant I love.

    Food trucks have become oddly popular the past few years. We have a ton in Austin right now, and they’re hit or miss. Some are amazing and some are pretty mediocre.

    I hope your Graphic Design course goes well!

  4. shoko said:

    that ice cream looks and sounds amazing!!

  5. Liz said:

    I’ve never really thought of just throwing fruits into a blender and making juice! It sounds like it’s definitely something worth trying. :D

    The ice cream looks amazing, and until I read that it was popcorn I thought it was some sort of caramel/chocolate peanut cluster. :O That I know of, in Texas we don’t actually have any food trucks. If we do, they’re definitely not anywhere around where I’ve ever been (except for maybe San Antonio). Anyway, they always sound really cool to me and look super pretty. :O

    I hope your graphic design class went well!

  6. Jenn~ said:

    Leanne! <3

    Over here we have meetups (not sure what to call it) where tons of food trucks park in a parking lot and people come to eat and hangout. I've never been to one but I see a lot of people posting about them on FB.

    How is your Graphic Design course going? I'm heading back to school in the summer. Trying to stay away from any design classes since I'm not very artistic, lol.

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