Golden Fields

It was a hot Summer’s day in Melbourne, day 6 of a heat wave and we were craving lobster. A quick google search landed us at Golden Fields in St Kilda.

Golden Fields homemade lemonade

Nothing beats homemade lemonade on a hot 40’C day. It’s a pity we don’t have this as a regular on menus in Australian restaurants. Here lemonade means “Sprite”, “Solo”, etc. As I learnt in the States lemonade means “freshly squeezed lemon juice”.

Golden Fields Beef Brisket

Started with the days special which was beef brisket, coriander, peanut in a chili sauce. Refreshing.

Golden Fields Lobster Roll

The long awaited lobster rolls. There were small, about 10 cm of a buttered bun filled with poached crayfish, kewpie mayo and watercress. It was okay, didn’t quite satisfy the craving.

Golden Fields duck

This was our favourite dish of the meal. Crispy twice cooked duck accompanied with steamed bread, plum sauce and vinegar.

Golden Fields duck

Not quite peking duck but it was still different and delicious. The duck fell off the bone nicely.

Golden Fields fried chicken

Garlic, ginger and sticky soy fried chicken. My friend loves his fried chicken so we had to try. I enjoyed the crispiness of the skin and the stickiness of the sauce however my friend wasn’t too impressed.

Overall I enjoyed the experience and would go again. We were surprised that the menu had a lot of Asian influences which added a nice flare. The place opens conveniently from 12pm to 12am everyday except Mondays, and is in a nice location so maybe I’ll grab a few friends to come by next time.

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