Oaxaca markets

Oaxaca Market Flowers

The girls and I could spend hours in the markets in Oaxaca. A labyrinth of cute knick knacks, spices, meats, breads, flowers, fabric, costumes, jewels and grasshoppers (seasoned with chilli and lime of course)! Every time we went back we found a new route, a new store, another skull! By the end of the trip everyone loved skulls. The Mexicans really know how to make skulls “cute” and “gorgeous”!

Oaxaca markets

Vibrant wooden handcrafts. We later get to go to the home of an artist to watch them carve and paint these.

Oaxaca sugar skulls

Candy skulls; sugar, chocolate and sesame. Our tour guide explained that people bought/made them and put their beloved names on the back to represent them on the altar. After the festival ends, the sugar skulls are given to children or friends and relatives. It is believed the sweetness disappears by then because the dead of taken all the nutrients/taste when they came to visit. When children eat these it’s almost like “laughing in the face of death.”

Oaxaca Mexico Sugar Skulls

I bought a candy skull with pink decor to represent my grandmother on my mother’s side.

Oaxaca Mexico Skull figurines

Cute skull figurines everywhere we went. Dressed in every day clothes to festive wear and sometimes in awkward sexual positions!

Oaxaca Market Chili

Every Mexican dish needs chilli!

Oaxaca Market Cacao

Cacao beans at a “chocolate” factory. We saw them grind the beans and turn them into chocolate.

Oaxaca Main Square Balloon seller

I loved the balloon stores around the city, especially around the main square. So tempted to buy a bouquet of balloons!

Oaxaca Market Bread

Bread with blessings on them :)

Oaxaca Markets

And of course the clothes. Some of the women in the tour group purchase beautiful tradition costume while others bought skeleton suits and sparkly wings to accompany their skull painted faces for the Day of the Dead parades. Next post- Day of the Dead festivities!

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  1. Cat said:

    Wow, look at all those colors! I would love to explore a market like that. I agree that they really know how to make skulls look cute, haha. I didn’t know about the traditions behind them, so I thought that was interesting. I’d want to buy a candy skull too :D

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