First impressions of Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca Mexico school bus

I remember the excitement which filled me as I stepped out of the plane onto Oaxaca, Mexico. The tiredness and anxiety I had as I rushed from a dinner to the airport in San Francisco, to another plane in Mexico City immediately subsided. The tour I had booked had organised transport to pick me up from the airport which was also a good opportunity to meet the tour guides because they had just flown in from Mexico City and Cancun. (By the way, above is a school bus; isn’t it the coolest thing?)

Oaxaca, Mexico Hotel Casantica

I immediately fell in love with the colours and the architecture of the city. My tour guide was a local and you could immediately tell that she loved her country and was extremely excited to share it. She added that Oaxaca was the best place to get an “intro to Mexican life and culture” as it is the art and cultural hub.

Hotel Casantica

I stayed at the Hotel Casantica which used to be an old convent and is only a block away from the main square. The tour organised shared rooms, however since I arrived a day early I had to organise my own accommodation and the only room available was the Master Suite. So for 24 hours I lived a life of luxury, haha! If I had known I would’ve stayed in the Suite longer, the price is cheaper than many 3 star hotels here or in the States!

Oaxaca Cathedral, Mexico

After fumbling my way through Spanish and grabbing a bite to eat I decided to go on a wander along the streets. I walked down to the main square which is watched over by the Cathedral. I sat on the steps eating pastries and people watched.

Oaxaca Cathedral flowers

The Cathedral doors were framed with beautiful flowers, all in preparation for the Day of the Dead festival. There was a definite excitement in the air.

Oaxaca Mexico

Santo Domingo Oaxaca Mexico

This is around my favourite church in Oaxaca, Church of Santo Domingo de Guzman. It has beautiful gold interiors and there’s a museum in the former convent. I was fortunate enough to witness a wedding whilst I was there.

Oaxaca Mexico

Colourful and beautiful hotels and restaurants surround the main square.

Oaxaca Mexico

Another old church turned museum now hotel.

Oaxaca Mexico

I just love the colours! I sent these photos back home and my sister responded “It looks so Mexican!” Haha.

Oaxaca Mexico

I was a little nervous how the quality of these photos will turn out because they were taken with my iPhone (I had lost my camera in Las Vegas; that’s another story), but I’m pleasantly happy with them. I enjoy wandering the streets of any unknown city and Oaxaca had a surprise on every corner. I can’t wait to show you what this beautiful city looked like when they celebrate their biggest festival!


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