Organising free time

One of the main concerns I had for taking a year off work was the amount of “free time” I’d have. I’m a creature who relied heavily on work for distraction; distraction from relationship woes, finances, cleaning and most importantly, distraction from the voice inside my head. I could easily see myself slipping into a couch potato and wallowing in my thoughts and potato crisps and chocolate.

So I made a vow that this time off was going to be a productive one. In one a half weeks I’ll be a full-time student again, but from now until then I don’t want to be on the couch. So from day 1 I took out my spanking new 2014 Moleskine and wrote a “To Do List” everyday. It’s day 4 and it’s so far so good. A short list of small tasks and goals; something as simple as “organise a dinner for Friday night” or “pay phone bill” or “organise my make up” is perfect.  I have about 4-5 tasks a day ranging from quick phone calls, 30 minute work outs to 2 hours of cleaning. I try to be specific and not put all the horrible chores in one day or I’ll never get out of bed to do it!

Of course it’s not all about “doing chores and tasks”- this will bore one to death! Take time to indulge in what you enjoy; I’ve watched Naruto, snapped photos, sketched, watched TV and gone out with friends these last few days. You can also put them on your “To Do List” too! After all it is my time off, so besides catching up on long-lost “things to do”, it’s also time to catch up on those passions and hobbies which have been missed.

So if you’re like me who needs a little kick-start, a “To Do List” puts direction in my day and crossing off those tasks gives a sense of achievement, even it’s only little.

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  1. Cat said:

    I think I’m addicted to To-Do lists, haha. I always have to make one to motivate myself to get things done. I’m glad you figured out a way to stay productive! I would have the same worry if I were to take a long break away from work. I feel like I always have to keep busy and work helps with that.

    Good luck with school! I hope everything goes well during your year away from work :)

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