A Year Off Medicine

A Year Off Medicine

So I took the plunge and I’m taking a year off Medicine. After 5 years in University and 2 years working in the hospital I’ve taken the plunge… I’m taking a year off Medicine.

This has been mulling in my mind ever since I graduated from Medical school and it wasn’t until mid Residency where I gained the courage to not reapply for a job. It was unnerving to watch my colleagues proceed to the next step in their professional careers and to talk excitedly about their professional plans for 2014, however I stuck to my guns. I would regret not taking this year off and persuing a long-term dream, than regret taking a year out of my Medical career.

In December last year I finally gained the courage (with the encouragement of friends) to submit my application into a Design Course at a private college. I had had the form filled out for several months but was too scared to send it and had countless excuses such as “What if I’m not good enough at design?” “What if I hate it?” “What if I waste all this money and it all fails?” But they were all excuses which stemmed from fear and the alternative choice would have be enduring another year of wishing I had just given it a go.

So this year I’m really open to any opportunity. I will be commencing a full time 3 month accelerated Graphic Design course in two weeks. It’s really the perfect course for me. There’s no experience needed- all the other students will be in the same position as me-persuing a passion, dream or possibly a career change. It’s short and comprehensive and reflective of the “real world”- the work is based on briefs and by the end of the 3 months I’ll have a portfolio! Very exciting!

After those 3 months I plan to travel and I have my eyes on the Mediterranean or East Europe and after that I’ll pick up some locum Doctor jobs.


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