Things I Love

When you love what you have, you have everything you need

Writing; designing for me- I’ve been designing for others a lot lately and it’s nice to do something creative for myself; just enjoying someone’s company in silence; neck massages; breakfast dates and debriefing the previous night’s events; laughing at stupid things; laughing for no reason;  opportunities rising when you least expect it; getting excited about my plans for next year; dancing like no one’s watching; closure and finally closing the “what if” door which has been left open for 10 years; seeing my little sister happy with her new boyfriend; sipping on Milo while it’s raining outside; dabbling into cooking again; sketching in my diary and scrap pieces of paper because I left my sketchbook at home; remembering to look up every now and then; milk bars; sleeping in; using my Moleskine again; falling asleep to good music; friends being there for you at short notice; the sun streaming through my window; starting to feel confident about my Doctor’s instincts, going through travel photos; buying flowers for myself, receiving emails from family who are currently overseas and stopping to reflect  and being appreciative of what I have.

  1. Liz said:

    I think that even listing things that we love helps us feel a little happier. I did that a few blog posts ago, and I went from feeling rather blue to actually feeling a bit brighter and less mellow yellow. :3

  2. Thao said:

    Being able to laugh with yourself is the best. And flowers are such a great pick-me-up. I’m tempted to start my own flower garden…but I’m pretty bad with keep plants alive. By the way, what place is that in the picture? It’s beautiful!

    • Leanne said:

      Hey Thao! It’s a photo I took in Saltzburg on my way to the largest ice caves in the world!

  3. Kayla said:

    This is such a nice, cute blog post! It’s so nice to be able to look at a whole list of things you love. I hope you look back at this on a shitty day and remember the good things in your life. I’ll probably still this idea in the future, just so you know ;)

  4. Cat said:

    That’s a nice list! It sounds like you’ve been able to do a lot of things for yourself lately, which is always great :) I always enjoy designing for myself more than for others. I’m glad you got closure, and laughing at stupid things is the best!

  5. Becca said:

    What a great blog post and a great list. It made me smile. Oftentimes it’s the little things that cheery us up and really make us enjoy life. I love breakfast dates and laughter truly is the best medicine. :)

    (I might have to steal this idea sometime when I’m feeling down!)

  6. I don’t have too much to say but I thoroughly enjoyed reading that list =)

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