Things I Love

When you are stuck in night shift you become very socially isolated. Your life revolves around sleeping and working. All you can think about when you’re at work is the soft bed you will be landing in at the end of the shift and when you wake up all you do is dread the moment you have to step out into the cold night to work. Your only light is the extended days off at the end of your run but when that is taken away from you, it’s like the world has shattered… and that’s what I felt last night when I found out that after 7 nights I will only have 2 days off (which is just enough to restore my sleep cycle) before I am sent out to work non stop again.

After moping around the Emergency Department for 15 minutes, I decided to quickly scrawl down a few things I am thankful for before I felt more miserable than I already was at 5 in the morning. Believe it or not it got me back to my senses and I felt a whole lot better :o) Sometimes you’re just working like a machine and you forget to sit down to appreciate what you actually have!

Things I love: finding pizza in the staff fridge (especially when you forgot to pack snacks! ; emails from my Boyfriend who is currently having an adventure in Wales (miss him); designing more advertisement material for a charity- I love how in this day and age we have so many outlets for design!; finally updating my Iphone and being able to use Instagram again (!)- Oh I miss snapping random daily photos!; snuggling up in a blanket after a long night; long phone calls with my sister- it’s been a while since we talked and it was nice to do the “girl phone thing” which I knew so well in my teens; talking about trash TV- lately The Voice and The Block have been my favourites; Googling and Pinterest(ing?) Mexico images- I definitely have Mexico on the brain; using hot shower time to “let go”; inspirational quote posters; flowers flower flowers! When I get my own place there will always be fresh flowers; Naruto (of course); the sign pictured above- I pass this sign on my way to work as it sits across from the hospital; having chats with the on call radiographer and finding out that we’re both Vietnamese, haha~ it was quite funny because we both don’t look it, my blog’s new look, do you like it? With the limitations of customising on I’m pretty chuffed with what I managed to do, and planning my annual leave- I have Mexico booked in, now for a few more places which I shall let you know as soon as I finalise! :D

So whenever you’re having a bad run and it seems to never end, pause, write a love list… it makes things a little more bearable :o)


  1. Connie said:

    Oh man. the love list is what I need to do. I remember working the graveyard shift as well so I completely understand where you’re coming from. I used to despise myself because of what I had committed to for a couple of months just to save enough money to quit and find another job, much more reasonable.

    Your love list gave me a bit of warmth. I wish the best! :)

  2. Liz said:

    That’s a lovely list of yours! Sometimes, I do make lists of things for myself to look at. Sometimes it helps, other times it doesn’t. I have my online trading card games to run and play… they oftentimes help. Blogging and art and brainstorming future projects also helps me. Lately, however, I’ve found inspiration in my problems, and I have used them to work on the book I’ve always wanted to start but had no idea how to start it.

  3. Liv said:

    This is exactly what I do, except I don’t think of a list. I think of one thing that keeps me happy.

    I’ve known many people who work night shifts, and what they do is just isolate themselves from average life so they don’t get too stressed. They sleep while you’re awake, rather than spend time with you. It’s still tough though, but easier than trying to do everything at the same time, in my opinion.

    Good luck!

  4. I’m not a morning or day person, so I’m actually okay with my night shifts :) But I can understand how it’s not the best form of being social when everyone else is asleep lol

    A love list sounds like a great idea :) Though…I think my list would consist of ALL FOODS… I’ll end up being grumpy cause I can’t have all those foods… Oh, the problems of life lol :)

    -nyuu }

  5. Lolo said:

    Such a great idea…we get so bogged down by the negatives that we tend to forget that things aren’t so bad after all~
    I’m proud of you! Working so hard!

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