Week in Review 170513

It’s so nice to be back home! Night shift is worst than jetlag and I definitely slept off my sleep deficit this week. Besides catching up on sleep, I also caught up with friends, got back into design projects, ate good food and started brainstorming ideas for my 25th Birthday and my annual leave in October.

I was so excited to see a photo of the poster I designed for a charity event the other day. It was a project given to me on really short notice as it was a spontaneous charity event and I only had a night to do it, but I’m pretty happy with the results. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the event because I was working but I heard it was a great success and Golden Monkey is one of my favourite bars in Melbourne.

At 3 o’clock in the morning  while working  in the Emergency Department I made a decision of where I wanted to go for my annual leave. I’ve perused the internet, visited the travel agency, spoke to the agent, grabbed a handful of tour brochures (as I will be travelling solo again and the places I want to go to will be much easier in a group) and have been excitedly tabbing them. I will tell you more once things become more concrete :o)

It’s so fascinating to see a small business grow. It was my 21st Birthday and I was adamant to have cupcakes and the vendor I was keen on was unfortunately booked out that day so I scoured the internet and stumbled upon Cupcake Central, owned by the sweet Sheryl who met me half way with the cupcakes, free of charge!  Since then her brand has expanded to a retro vibe with 3 stores (in great locations too!). I adore how they serve the milkshakes in glass jars!

Sometimes it’s so easy to be wondering what’s happening over there that you don’t realise all the stuff which is happening next to you. The other day my friends took me to brunch at an up and coming cafe literally few minutes from my house! I ordered the sweet corn and pumpkin fritters with poached eggs which was delicious!

I have two days left before I go back to night shift so I’m trying to enjoy the day as much as I can. Have a lovely weekend!

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