Sea Change

I’m typing this blog post in a little unit, in a little town, 3 hours away from the city.

My Nephrology rotation has finished and I am now working in an Emergency Department in a rural hospital. My first shift is tonight (night shift!) and I am nervous, but it will be okay!

There’s always mixed emotions when you finish a rotation, you feel relieved that it is over but sad because you’ve made great friends with the staff on the ward and your Registrars and you’re starting to get used to how things run! And it all starts again!

  1. tiff said:

    Oh, how exciting! When you say rural hospital, I’m assuming it looks something like that picture you’ve posted above lol. Is that rural? :P

    • Leanne said:

      haha the picture i posted is not the hospital, however this place is about an hour nearby.

  2. Cat said:

    That sounds cool to have a change in scenery and work in a small town :) I hope it’s going well!

  3. Thao said:

    Hope you have a great time at your new rotation! Enjoy the countryside, open space, and the fresh air!

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