Magazine Cover #01

Magazine covers are my favourite source of inspiration. Recently I discovered a site which showcased what magazines looked like a hundred years ago, instead of photography, covers were drawn, painted and printed and this inspired me to create my own covers. Here is my first magazine cover for a make-believe mag called “Rêve” (Dream). A magazine dedicated to the girl with flowers in her hair and loves spending time tie dying clothing or cooking vegan meals with her friends. Pages filled with DIY clothing, accessories and fun activities with your fellow flower power gals.

  1. Cat said:

    Nice drawing! I like the idea of drawing magazine covers :) For a while, I was following a tumblr that scanned old ads, back when they were all drawn. I loved seeing the art style from back then.

  2. Jea said:

    I really like the drawing. :D Thanks for the comment on my blog! :3

  3. Thao said:

    Nice. I’ve never really thought much about magazine cover artwork since most covers I’ve seen are photograph covers. Did you do this on your ipad?

  4. tiff said:

    Haha awesome. Would be cool if this was a real magazine :D

  5. amber said:

    Very cool! I love magazine covers. I really like the older Nylon ones… This one looks awesome!

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