Bistro Guillaume

Bistro Guillaume

I’ve backlogged so many food photos it’s not even funny! This post has been in the Drafts section for at least a year so I think it’s about time I post it!

Bistro Guillaume

French cuisine, bright lime green exterior, french accented waiters and warm cosy interior… what else can you ask for?

Bistro Guillaume- beef tartare

If you told me 4 years ago I was going to love raw beef I wouldn’t have believed you… now I love this stuff! Beef tatare everytime!

Bistro Guillaume

Bistro Guillaume- Pork Belly

What I love about French food is the ability to taste all the flavours in the dish, it’s not over powered by one ingredient and the star of the dish is always shown off.

Bistro Guillaume- chips

Bistro Guillaume

Bistro Guillaume- ice cream profiteroles

When we saw this on the dessert menu we knew we had to order it no matter how full we were. Profiteroles and ice-cream!!!

Bistro Guillaume on Urbanspoon

  1. winn said:

    Oh wow this place looks amazing! ; _ ; Feeling like I need to go back to Melbourne already lololol I’ve never had beef tatare before, what is it like? Is it hard to get used to?

  2. tiff said:

    You sure know how to live, your food pics are always mouth-watering!

  3. M said:

    yay food pictures~~! the fries always stand out the most to me.

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