Week in Review 190413

Working 28 hours over the weekend really took it out of me so I was really looking forward to the 3 days off before my next round of after hour shifts. Instead of the usual crazy buzz to go out, I stayed at home reading Naruto manga late into the night (I couldn’t stand the anime fillers anymore!), working on design projects and catching up on sleep.

I’ve been doing  a lot of reading about the different ways to get into the Graphic Design industry and am very keen to enrol myself into a short course next year. I think the learning environment of a classroom or studio will motivate me to learn and try new skills and also get a better glimpse of what this world is all about.

I’ve been doing design work for a Charity Talent Show Committee, who are a bunch of University students raising money for the Community Based Health Project (CBHP). This project is a non-profit organization currently working with health workers in six villages in rural India. I’m working for free but I don’t mind it because 1. It’s charity 2. I want to practice and get experience 3. I’m working fulltime as a Doctor 4. My skills are not pro worthy at this stage anyway. I’ve been working on the logo, posters, social media, letter heads and heaps more! It’s been a lot of fun following briefs and designing according to the clients’ vision. It’s so different when you’re designing for someone else and not your own. I’ll be sharing more in the next coming weeks!

Nothing beats a hot croissant filled with ham and cheese for breakfast! A good breakfast always puts me in a good mood and on the right foot. I generally missed breakfast and it wasn’t until I started working I realized how important it was. I’m one for not liking to sacrifice my sleep so I generally run out the door or drive with a breakfast milk/shake in hand, which is not ideal, but better than nothing right?

Have a lovely weekend! (I’ll be working!)

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  1. winn said:

    Ahhhhh you’re so hardworking at work and off work! I should work on doing more when I’m off too. It’s inspiring to see what you’re up to every time (* ̄∇ ̄*)

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