Week In Review 050413

Phew! It’s been extremely exhausting doing night shift with the constant readjusting. One week I’m a night owl next week I’m prancing around in the light- it’s taking a toll and I’m looking forward to this night shift roster ending soon.

I finished my 7 nights roster last Thursday and have been soaking up the daylight as much as possible in the last 6 days I have off. It’s been extremely difficult to readjust and I’ve fallen asleep many times during the day.

The week started off with catch up with good friends over caffeinated beverages; my drink of choice is always hot chocolate and I’m lovin’ that cafe’s are making more of an effort to make them just as pretty as coffees.

My favourite Spanish restaurant Movida with the best exterior nuzzled in one of Melbourne’s amazing street-art-filled laneways. The waiters are friendly and you can tell they really love what they do, the food is bursting with flavour and the sangria is sweeet- we always have a great experience.

The Boyfriend organised a gastronomical bonanza 3 restaurants in 2 days! We dined at Jacques Reymond, Movida and Cutler & Co. Lots of interesting textures, flavour explosions and unusual flavour combinations which were at times surprisingly perfect. The petit fours above are from the Degustation Menu at Jacques Reymond- probably the most elegant and classy dining experience I’ve ever had.

I have a day and a half left before I go back to night shifts again. In the mood for more quiet and alone time til then… Hope you all had a lovely week!

  1. Cat said:

    Taking the night shifts sound tough! I hope it gets easier to adjust as you do it more.

    Ooh, that’s cool how Movida decorates their exterior. Very colorful! The petit fours also look delicious :)

  2. Liz(a) said:

    I love the graffiti! That looks really awesome. xD It’s very colorful and vivid. The dessert plate also looks nice… I love the macaron. I tried to make my own, but it didn’t look like “normal”, ha.

    Your week looks like it was quite fun. :)

  3. Night shifts sounds really hard to adjust to at first! But after a while, I’m sure you can work with it without a problem :). It sounded you had a nice outing. Those food looks delicious! Especially the macaroon! I hope you enjoyed the time you had left before going back to the night shift.


  4. Amber said:

    What a cool blog you have. I love this graffiti… what city do you live in? The graffiti of the girl reminds me so much of Fafi. So cool! The dessert sounds (and looks) delicious!

    Good luck with your night shifts :) I work night shifts on friday and saturday at a club… from 7pm to 3am. It’s hard at first, but you get used to it! :)

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