Unleash the Fashionista: My First Runway

The day started with the same conundrum as any other “What am I going to wear?” I had an outfit planned a month ago but changed my mind because I had worn it before (and who wants to wear an outfit to a “fashion” show they’ve worn before?!) and the weather did not permit it. Fortunately there was a Zimmermann Warehouse Sale on in South Yarra and me and a surprisingly large amount of girls endured the rain and cold to grab a bargain. Never underestimate a sale!

My face made up in blue and purple glitter and dressed in a lovely purple maxi with sexy side slits and ankle boots I “strutted” down Central Pier amongst other stylishly clad women and men, secretly hoping I’d be picked up by a fashion photographer but alas they all probably knew this wonderful dress was last season. Haha!

We sat under blue lights which gave has an Avatar complexion, sipped on San Pallegrino and people watched as we waited for the show. Then the screens flashed an intro, the music started pumping and the models filled the runways adorned in the coming seasons creations from talented Australian designers Tiger Lily, Yeojin Bae, Ksubi, Alice Mccall and LifewithBird. It was an amazing sight and I was transported to a world of sparkle, tulle, silk and distressed leather.

I got my nails did (first time too!) in a luscious rich ruby colour which I continued to wear at work, received a showbag with L’Oréal freebies and of course had to have a photo-op in front of the L’Oréal wall! It was quite a surprise, because from what I see on television I always thought these walls were more glamorous (don’t know in what way), but really it was literally a wall on the in small section outside the complex. Nonetheless it looks pretty cool in a camera frame eh?

I truly enjoyed the whole experience and hope to attend more in the future. Even the boyfriend enjoyed it!

  1. amber said:

    This sounds awesome! I bet it was so cool to see in person :) What a fun experience. And that purple dress is so beautiful!

  2. tiff said:

    Ahhhh, that’s soooo cool! I’ve never been to a fashion show before and probably will never get the opportunity to, so that’s really cool that you and your man ended up going. You look wonderful btw!

  3. Cat said:

    That’s cool that you went to a runway show! I’ve never been to a real one, just ones put together by fashion majors at college. You look great too! I love your dress :) I’m glad you guys had a good time!

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