I feel orange

I’ve been in a bit of a creative rut lately which is unfortunate because being creative is my form of relaxation and de-stressing. It’s a mixture of excuses really, from feeling exhausted after work, laziness, negative perfectionism. I’ve been wanting to make my own layout for so long however WordPress has made it extremely difficult. It appears you can only customise your layout if you’re hosted. I’m not keen on having my own domain at this time, so I’ve been fiddling with Blogspot a lot. It’s typeface is not as good as WordPress however I like the ease of design on a free platform.

So while I play around with WordPress and find a host, I will be blogging between here and blogspot, depending on my mood. :o)

  1. tiff said:

    Wuuuuut, I had no idea non-hosted WordPress sites are not able to customize their own layout. That’s a pooper. I can be wrong but Blogspot to me seems outdated, but hey, I never use that site to blog anyway. Have fun multi-blogging! :D

  2. Cat said:

    Awe, that sucks that WordPress won’t let you customize your theme. That’s weird to me that they don’t allow that =/ Good luck finding a host!

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