Week in Review 100213

Happy Lunar New Year 2013

Firstly, Happy Lunar New Year! For the last 24 hours the house has been filled with incense, aromas of New Year’s Vietnamese delicacies and chatter and laughter of family. I’m now resting in a blanket of post-feast/family catch up coma!

As I alluded to in the last “Week In Review” post, I am back at work. I was so nervous and anxious about Residency however it hasn’t been as bad as I thought. Definitely a jump from Internship and I’m learning at an extremely fast pace!

I’ve been seeing a lot of design packaging that is inspiring me of late. From design books in little libraries to drinks at my finger tips. I’ve been contemplating doing a design course or degree for a very long time and in the last few weeks have been more and more confident in pursuing this dream.

Cornershop, Yarraville

Cafes are popping up everywhere in my area! All embracing the vintage or hipster vibe and serving great food! Baked eggs with eggplant relish was what I had during a brunch date- mmm I love baked eggs!

The cutest thing during New Year is seeing kids dressed in traditional costume. My parents used to dress me up in Vietnamese dress when I was a kid. ;oP

Well I’m going to go read up on stuff for work then chill in front of the television with New Year feast left overs for the rest of tonight.

Happy Lunar New Year! xx

  1. Cat said:

    Happy Lunar New Year! I love seeing traditional costumes like that. Those kids look so cute wearing them :D

    I’m glad work is going well for you :) I think a design course would be a fun and interesting thing to take. It’d be cool if you went for it!

    And yum, the food in that photo looks delicious. I like that they kept it in the skillet too when serving it to you.

  2. Cami said:

    Happy Lunar New Year.

    Congrats on your move up in the industry.

    I like the fact that we are surrounded by great examples of design. I wish I had more time to sit and focus on implementing some of them into my own style.

    Those kids look very cute.

  3. Kayla said:

    Happy Lunar New Year! :)
    I love finding inspiration like that everywhere. If you want to do the course I think you should definitely do it. Don’t regret not doing it.
    Yummm the food you post always makes me so hungry haha.

  4. Liz(a) said:

    The little outfits are so cute. :) I think that if you want to do the course/degree that you should. That way you won’t be looking back later on and wondering “what if…” you had taken it! I love it when I get inspired, and it’s often from the way things are packaged or something. :p It makes me think of something I would like to do, or it gives me an idea for something I’m wanting to work on but lack what I should do with it.

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