Things I Love

Degraves St, Melbourne

My wonderful, amazing and loving Boyfriend! Enough said! xx; nicely ironed shirts- we’ve just got a new iron- makes such a difference!; helpful people; seeing familiar faces and at the same time meeting lots of new people; cooking shows; feeling more inspired and confident to pursue my dreams; tea and cupcake dates; Garance Dore- I’ve been following her blog for a long time and I continue to enjoy reading her posts (I love her quirky personality and cute humour which exudes from her writing!) and admiring her illustrations and photographs- she’s one of my idols :) ; acceptance; reminding myself of my values; design books; wandering Melbourne’s laneways; crispy chips dipped in garlic-y aioli; reading inspiring stories; chic packaging; French accents; cute old couples going out to dinner; talking Naruto (what’s new?! ;oP); learning everyday; heart-shaped spoons; perusing little book stores and catching up with my cousins and seeing how much we’ve all grown up.

For those who celebrate Chinese or Vietnamese New Year- Happy Lunar New Year! xx


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