Week in Review 270113

Happy Australia Day weekend to those living in this great country of mine! :oD

This week I finished cleaning my room and reorganised my desk space. It’s a real relief and makes me enjoy being in the 2 areas I use most. Most of the clothes are folded up in garbage bags awaiting other family members to choose any items they want to keep and then it’ll be off to charity!

There are still some items which I’ve found hard to let go even though I know I’ll never wear them or use them, so they’ll be sitting in the closet or drawers for another 10 years :oP

kodiak bar

I had an immense craving for American food this Friday and scoured the net which led me to Kodiak Bar on Brunswick Street. I churned down 9+ buffalo wings and a double pattie hamburger ;P yehh…  A nice place to hang out after work, however service was terrible- we waited for a long time and they forgot my burger!

Bought some nice jeans this weekend. I know what you’re thinking: “Big deal!” But it is a big deal for me. Firstly I despise jeans shopping and on average will buy a pair every 5+ years. Secondly it’s just hard to cater for my short statue and funny Asian curves and legs, haha. My Sass and Bide jeans which I bought a couple of years ago have been awesome, however I thought it was time I bought another pair. So the minute I was dropped off at Chadstone, I walked into Bettina Liano (I hear they have good jeans for petites) met a lovely sales assistant, tried on 2 jeans, settled on the comfy Midnight OJ legging jeans and I was out! Fastest jean buying ever! A record for me really ;P

naruto plushies

For those who have been following me since I was in highschool will know I’ve been following Naruto then Naruto Shippuuden since it started! It’s been extremely annoying because they keep having fillers however that’s over and they’re back to the action which I’m so excited about! I love the storyline and characters and how everything and everyone is linked! GAHHH NARUTARD ALERT!

  1. Cat said:

    Congrats on finishing cleaning your room! I recently did the same, and it feels good to be organized again. I ran into the same issue when filtering out my clothing and couldn’t get rid of some either. It’s a bad habit, but oh well!

    I have a hard time finding good jeans too! My usual problem is that I’m just too short for most of them. I’ve given up and just tailor jeans I buy now to adjust for my height.

    I used to love reading Naruto, but I stopped years ago. I feel like I’m too far behind to catch up now =/

  2. Jea said:

    It’s really nice of you to donate to charity. :3

    I also have a hard time looking for jeans. It’s because my thighs are too big for my 27-28 waist line. -___-

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