Week in Review 200113

The week started with ticking off long over due “to-do” jobs, including going to the dentist, finding a GP for myself, clearing my desktop and sorting through my closet (almost done- have rubbish bags ready for donation and boxes of items ready to sell!).

On Thursday I watched The Hobbit with my boyfriend and his mates. I read the book more than 10 years ago so I only remember the riddles between Bilbo and Smigel scene… totally forgot there were dwarves in the story! ^^;; I don’t understand why Peter Jackson wanted to spread the book out into 3 movies, however the movie is visually stunning and enjoyable to watch. I’m always in awe of the imagination and detail which goes into the character and scene development. It makes the world seem real. It was also interesting to see Jackson’s experimentation and use of the faster frame rate. It was unusual at first because we are so use to the slower rates in other movies, however we got used to it and it was pretty cool when used in the fight scenes.

Rockpool Melbourne

On Saturday I celebrated my boyfriend’s Birthday by organising a snazzy dinner at Rockpool Bar and Grill.  It is extremely popular that when it reached 11pm (kitchen closing time) it was still packed! I chose this place because it’s known for it’s steaks and my boyfriend loves steak.

The week ended with a barmy Sunday. With Vietnamese/Chinese New Year approaching all the “Asian suburbs” are holding festivals. This week was Footscray’s turn so we decided to drop by before heading off to Melbourne Park. I always enjoy going to these festivals- the smokey smell of yummy BBQ Vietnamese food;  people’s voices blaring through speakers advertising their goods and also inviting patrons to join in the fun; Vietnamese music turned on max and dragons and lions dancing followed by a procession of kids dressed in traditional Vietnamese clothes through the street. It’s hot, it’s loud, but it’s fun! We munched on Korean potato twists!

Australian Open 2013 - 4th round

What better way to end the week than to go to the Australian Open! This was my first time so I was very excited! We bought the Rod Laver tickets which allowed us to peruse the grounds and also have a seat at the 7pm matches. I got my face painted :oD

Australian Open 2013- 4th round

Australian Open 2013- 4th round

Australian Open 2013- 4th round

We saw two 4th round matches on Rod Laver arena. Radwanska v Ivanovic and the thriller marathon Djokovic v Wawrinka! The men’s match went for five hours (!!!) and we arrived home at 3am! I thought Wawrinka played extremely well (and probably deserved to win) as he was entertaining to watch because he as aggressive and making all the moves. However Djokovic is a great defender so he would keep sending balls back forcing Wawrinka to do unforce errors towards the end. It was an awesome match which ended with the players hugging each other at the net and Djokovic celebrating by tearing his t-shirt off.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and may the next week be as awesome :oP

  1. Carrie said:

    I have a lot of “to do” tasks on my list/planner too. It’s not fun. Especially since work and school is an overload for me.

    I need to clear my laptop because it’s starting to run SLOWER AND SLOWER, like a turtle, lol.

    Looks like you and your boyfriend had an amazing time! I can’t wait till my fiancee and I get out the house and engage ourselves in fun activities again. Living without a car for these past few months have been absolute hell!

    Have fun! =)

  2. Thao said:

    I’m glad you caught the faster frame rate for The Hobbit. I didn’t notice it until my boyfriend pointed it out. And I’m so jealous that you got to go to the tennis open!

  3. Cat said:

    I liked The Hobbit too! I did find it odd that they wanted to stretch it out so much. First I heard it was 2 movies; then it turned into 3. I thought the same thing about the high frame rate. It looked weird at first, kind of soap opera-ish, but I eventually got used to it.

    Ooh, those festivals sound fun. I wish we had those around here too. Those potato twists look yummy!

    That’s awesome that you went to the Australian Open! I don’t watch many sports, but I do like watching tennis :)

  4. tiff said:

    “I don’t understand why Peter Jackson wanted to spread the book out into 3 movies…”

    Simple, to make more money. Lol.

    Whoa! I never watched a tennis match before! That’s pretty awesome, was everybody’s head moving side to side all the time? :P

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