Koko- my favourite Japanese restaurant!

Do you have a “go-to” place for particular foods? A place that first pops up in your mind whenever you crave let’s say… “Japanese” for example? A place where the food, vibe, service and everything just equals a great time :) Well, that place is Koko, for me!

I have so many favourite Japanese restaurants and some I’ve talked about here on this blog, but the one which has been consistent and always has me coming back (I think I’ve been at least a handful of times!) is Koko. I’d say it’s stuck between homey restaurant to contemporary restaurant/bar. The menu changes every season and they also have teppanyaki.

I’ve taken lots of photos from this place because the food is so photogenic and delicious! The photos are from my digital camera and iPhone. Some of the dishes are no longer available because they were from the previous season’s menu – but I couldn’t resist :p Enjoy!


Koko, Beef tataki

Beef tataki

Koko, Soba noodles and duck

Soba noodles & duck with ?peanut sauce – we ordered this all the time until it was no longer on the menu

Koko, Minced tuna tartar & nori seasweed

A really fun dish! You mix the egg into the tuna tartar and then wrap it up in the nori seaweed with cucumber.

Koko, deep fried crap and fish mousse in puff rice

Deep fried crab & fish mousse covered in puff rice- my boyfriend loved this dish he ate my portion ^^;;


Koko, Lobster Miso soupA take on the classic miso soup with a dash of fancy lobster :p


Koko, Salmon skin salad

Salmon skin salad with mustard dressing

Sushi and Sashimi

Koko; salmon skin sushi

Salmon skin roll- the skin is so crispy! Yum!

Koko- volcano sushi

Koko’s volcano roll, unfortunately no longer on the menu. But it was so damn good!

Koko, hokkaido scallop roll

This has taken the spot of the volcano roll now and it’s sooo good (probably better!). Hokkaido scallop with salad in spicy mayo. The spicy mayo is so good, you don’t need soy sauce!

Koko, sashimi

Koko, sashimi


Koko, soba and tempura

Soba noodles with tempura


Koko, salmon

Grilled salmon with mash potato crust

Koko, lobster

Lobster and a ?miso sauce, unfortunately no longer on the menu

 Koko, fried puffer fish

Can’t remember whether this was a main or entrée because no longer on the menu. It’s fried puffer fish! Yes that deadly fish that chefs need to be trained in to prepare. Quite a dry fish– needs lots of sauce!


Koko, TeppanyakiThe Teppanyaki menu slightly differs to the A la carte menu. My first experience of Teppanyaki was at Koko, at the time there weren’t any tables available for the a la carte menu however it was a fun experience! You don’t have to book large numbers to have teppanyaki here- it can just be one of you! The chef is lovely and chatty and he doesn’t throw stuff at you (which I always feared, haha!)


Koko, tempura ice cream

Tempura fried ice-cream –  I think I prefer the Chinese restaurant version

Koko, mochi


Koko, pineapple brulee

Pineapple Brulee

I’m not a fan of Asian desserts (except for deep-fried ice-cream) therefore the dessert menu is my least favourite. However Koko does have very nice ice-cream if you’re not a Asian dessert lover like myself. The entrées and sushi/sashimi are prefect every time!

Aww man, I’m really hungry now ^^;;

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  1. The food looks amazing! Omg, now I am hungry too! *drools*

  2. Cat said:

    All of that food looks really good! I’d really like to try that tuna tartar dish. I haven’t seen it served with seaweed before. I still haven’t tried a teppanyaki place! It’s been on my restaurant “to-do” for a while now. I also love it when restaurants have seasonal menus. It usually means they care about what they can get fresh, and it’s fun to see a different menu once in a while.

  3. I just ate dinner and now I’m all hungry again! D:
    There’s no real good sushi restaurants where I live…so this post makes me sad LOL
    :) But I’m glad you have found a go-to place to eat good food!

  4. Kayla said:

    I don’t eat a great deal of Japanese food but these all look so bloody delicious that now I’m craving some so badly haha! And I totally googled it. Might have to check it out next time I’m in Melbourne.

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