Station Hotel

I’m no steak lover and my boyfriend has been trying to convince me to go to specialised steak places for years, but I wouldn’t budge. He now knows if he wants to have steak he might be able to convince me if we go to the Station Hotel.

My friends and I have been here several times and we’ve worked through their mains and now am slowly working our way through the steak menu. I’ve been to this place so many times but I only took photos on one occasion- the one occasion I didn’t have steak :p

Station Hotel

After you order at the bar, a waiter or waitress comes around with a place of bread and butter to get the munchies going, haha!

Station Hotel, Pork schnitzel with Gorgonzola butter

I ordered the pork schnitzel with gorgonzola butter with a side of roast pumpkin, which was delicious!

Station Hotel, Fish and ChipsMy friend had the fish and chips; they have really good hand cut chips!

Station Hotel, Black Angus 'flat iron steak'

Hey it may look small in the image, but that is 200g of Angus steak goodness which satisfies hunger and steak cravings in one hit! Even big growing boys like my Boyfriend agree!

Station Hotel,  béarnaise sauce

All steaks come with hand cut chips (you can ask for french fries if you prefer), salad and this melt in your mouth béarnaise sauce (or you can have the pepper sauce if you prefer).

I’ve always had a wonderful time at this place. Their French onion soup (which is delicious!) is the French onion soup according to my friend who has travelled to France.

Only one tiny bad experience I had with them was on a Saturday night (few weeks ago) my boyfriend and I walked in at 8pm craving for steak. The pub area and restaurant area were packed however we managed to grab a table in the pub section. Unfortunately when we went to order at the bar, they told us they weren’t taking orders anymore. That’s all they said. No explanation despite that everyone in the pub area had plates of food sitting in front of them and closing time was far off. It was really sad and disappointing because I love this place and we’ve been there so many times. Oh well… I’ll probably come back when I feel like steak… again…

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  1. Anna said:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of steaks or meat for that matter either.. :P But that looks so delicious!!

  2. Cat said:

    Yums, all of that food looks delicious, especially the pork schnitzel! That’s too bad about the recent bad experience. I wonder if they just have a time cut-off on ordering food at the bar. They should have explained that to you guys though =/

  3. Jea said:

    The photos made me really hungry. >___< You take good photos. ^^

    In what country is the Station Hotel located? I wanna go there. :)

    • Leanne said:

      I live in Melbourne, Australia, so all my food adventures are from there :)

  4. Liz(a) said:

    Where is the Station Hotel? It looks and sounds like a really delicious place! :) Your pictures look really nice, and they make the food look so appetizing! As for the bad experience, I would have been really dissappointed. :L

    • Leanne said:

      It’s in Melbourne, Australia :)

  5. winn said:

    omg that looks amazing, I don’t think we can get stuff like this easily in NZ… unless you pay $$$$$ D:

  6. Wowza! That just made me super hungry, especially that cheesy looking sauce. Makes me want a seriously fancy meal like…now!

  7. JP said:

    Its in Footscray! A suburb of greater Melbourne.

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