We have parrots in our yard!

Rainbow lorikeet

My sister stumbled upon an amazing and cute discovery the other day in our front yard. Lots of them! Feeding on the white buds on what my sister and I refer to as the “Christmas tree.” There were so many of them! As we watched, more flocked over- more than 10…  20! It was truly a wonderful site!

Rainbow lorikeet

Had to do some googling to find out what these cute rainbow creatures were– they are Rainbow Lorikeets!

Rainbow lorikeet

They brightened up my family’s day, hope they brighten up yours too! xx

  1. DeeDee said:

    Wow. Those are beautiful! There aren’t any birds like that around here, sadly. :(

  2. nyuu said:

    You must have the coolest front yard in the neighborhood! :D

  3. Kayla said:

    Oh wow, they’re absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful thing to stumble upon. Glad it brightened your day :)

  4. Cat said:

    Wow, that’s so cool! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many parrots together like that. The birds around where I live are pretty much pigeons and grackles. I would love to see more colorful birds like those around :D

  5. tiff said:

    Whoa, I need to live where you live. That is crazy. That’s the kind of thing where it only happens in a Snow White Disney movie or something.

  6. What?! I want to see colourful pretty birds outside my house too T_T If I’m lucky I’ll see a few crows hanging around haha Oh this reminds me of the time when my aunt came over from hong kong to visit and she saw a crow and said that it’s going to be a bad luck day (sort of similar to the superstitious saying of a black cat crossing your path) and my mum and I laughed so hard because it’s going to be a bad luck day for her everyday, there are crows everywhere here!

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