Mocktail #1: Strawberry Flavoured Lemonade

To start off my “10 Cocktails and/or Mocktails Resolution” here’s something I’ve been doing this for a long time but didn’t realise it was a “thing”. I just liked the idea of making my drinks pretty by adding fruits to my beverages. I luuurrvee lemonade- for those who know me I always order a lemonade or lemon-lime bitters as a non-alcoholic option. If I order a cocktail I generally like to steer toward citrusy and strawberry inspired flavours (Yum!).

Well this is something I do quite often in the Summer months because my fridge suddenly becomes filled with cherries, strawberries, nectarines and other delicious fruits! I like to flavour and decorate my lemonade!

This is a strawberry-lemon lemonade; the more you keep the glass sitting the more pink the lemonade becomes! It’s also nice to eat the fruit afterwards :oP I’ve also tried watermelon shaken with ice & lime from my cocktail shaker which is very good for Summer. A flavour I want to try is blackberries… does anyone have other great “(insert) flavoured lemonade ideas”?

  1. Cat said:

    Those look tasty! I love how much fresh fruit you use to both decorate and flavor the drinks :) I tend to order strawberry or citrus drinks as well. I recently ordered a Ginger Lemonade from a restaurant, and I thought it was interesting!

  2. Thao said:

    I love cocktails! And my goodness, yours look so good. I’ve been wanting to make my own cocktails since I have been relying on others to make it for me. They’re usually too strong or don’t have enough fruits for me.

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