Milawa Cheese Factory and Cafe

Milawa Cheese Company

I was cleaning my camera photos and stumbled upon a whole lot of stuff I didn’t get a chance to share!

During my stint in Wangaratta for one of my intern rotations I had the opportunity to see the area. By word of mouth I heard that the area was famous for its wines and gourmet food- how could I ignore that! An hour away from my little flat was a small and “delicious” town of Milawa which became a favourite destination for all things yum!

Milawa Cheese Platter

We visited the cheese factory; tasted some delicious cheese and also ordered some of their home made dishes. I’m no cheese expert, but I loved how non-pretentious it was. The staff were easy going and there was information about the cheeses on pamphlets along the counter.

I’m constantly learning about food. I love cheese especially with garlic (on pizza!) but have grown to really enjoy the combo of different cheeses with different fruits.

Milawa Cheese pizza

This pizza was just heaven!!!

Milawa Bum Hummers

I couldn’t stop giggling at how cute these pickled onion(?) labels were.

I really loved everything about the place. The food, the people and the area. I really enjoy visiting rural Victoria- it reminds you that there’s much more to this great land :)

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  1. tiff said:

    Wowsas everything looks amazing!

    I’m a huge fan smelly cheese and garlic on pizza. I think I would really enjoy this too. :D

  2. Amanda said:

    Oh my gosh, cheese, garlic and pizza = three of my favourite things. Good thing I didn’t come to your blog on an empty stomach like I usually do!

  3. Cat said:

    That looks like an awesome place to visit! I’m not very familiar with a lot of cheeses, so I’d like to do a cheese tasting like that. Those food photos look so good. I’m starting to be a fan of pizzas with cheese and fruit too. I recently had one with mostarda (a mustard with candied fruit), and it was really good!

  4. Lolo said:

    Just because of this, I’m gonna get pizza this weekend! I’ve decided!
    The camembert look soooo cute and yummy~ I love garlic <3 myaaaa~
    glad you guys enjoyed the place~

  5. Thao said:

    Cheeseee! I absolutely love trying new cheese out. Those cheese look so yummy. I also makes me want to go down to Napa valley and drink some wine with those cheese.

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