You are the Universe

A Piece inspired by my Boyfriend

When you look up at the sky at night what do you see? What emotions and thoughts go running through your head?

As a little girl, the infinite size of the universe scared me. During school camping trips when teachers pointed out the stars and constellations as we huddled around the fireplace, it terrified me. To me, it pointed out how small we are in comparison to the world and to the universe. Sometimes we’re so wrapped up in our own box we forget that there are other people, animals, bacteria which occupy our space. I thought it made us insignificant, that our dreams and actions were tiny compared to the varsity of this space we lived in and it heightened the fact that we didn’t really know much about this place we lived in or ourselves for that matter.

Then I met my boyfriend who has a love for science, nature, philosophy, psychology and optimism. His words challenged my thoughts of the world and of me. Really he makes the world a more exciting and amazing place to live in.

When I asked him what he saw when he looked up at the night sky, he said that the stars reminded him of the amazing complexity of the universe that we are a part of. Without us, there will be no more universe. We, animals, plants, humans, etc., all came from an exploding star (the “Big Bang”) therefore we are all star dust and are forever linked. Even though we are small in comparison to the place we live in, we all play a vital role in the function and development of our universe. Everything we do has an effect on something or someone else. The consequences of our actions may not be visible to us or others but they are affecting the microscopic world and will one day lead onto bigger changes.

Did you know animals are close to being extinct every day? Like the Kakapo? Hey it may not be as cute and cuddly as a panda or have as much publicity as a koala but their demise changes the whole ecosystem. It affects other animals, plants, bugs on the food chain, including us. Not to mention their loss will be the loss of another unique existence in the world. So like them, we may not be visible from the stars, but without them or you and me, this Universe will be different.

  1. Liz(a) said:

    So, I really hope you don’t mind me just saying that this was really beautifully written, and I really love your diction.

  2. Personally I don’t think anything when I look up into the night sky but I don’t mean it in a terrible way. However I can’t say it’s awe but it does take my breath away. I guess it’s hard to explain but it certainly does give me a sense of calmness.

    This may sound silly and shallow but I fear the day frogs or spiders go extinct, especially with their habitat being endangered, I imagine bugs would take over the world! Of course this applies to all the animals across the globe.

  3. Robin said:

    Great post. I don’t necessarily agree with the Big Bang theory but I like your boyfriend’s description of it.

  4. Thao said:

    It’s sad that people ignore the uncute animals, but they’re just as important. However, they don’t pull in as much donation as a cute bear or owl can. (Catching up on posts. Just found out that my RSS feed didn’t have your blog for the longest time!!!)

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