Things I Love

The first “Things I Love” for 2013! In a step to be more positive I’m trying hard to do daily gratitude lists (in my head or on paper or out loud) to remind me of the good stuff (this particular helps when I find myself feeling angry or upset about something- it helps calm me down)! I recommend you do it too if you’re a little ball of negativity like me at times ;o)

So let’s get started! What things have made you smile this week?!

Hot Summer days! It is 41’C today!! ; a large glass of water after running errands all morning; clearing up my Google reader; fresh flowers; lemonade on a warm Summer’s day; sleeping in; shower after a long day of work; feeling like you’ve made a difference to someone and their family just be listening; the 2013 Pantone calendar – looks amazzzing!; hot Summer nights; this limited edition Le Petite Prince Moleskine Weekly 2013 diary is so pretty! The large version comes with a calendar and address book!; getting excited about “decluttering my mind space”; reading other people’s 2013 resolutions; thinking up creative ways to get motivated to exercise; seeing friends who I haven’t seen in a year!; watching my highschool friends grow & become amazing human beings :0) ;  cleaning out my computer- my desk top looks so much cleaner now!; Twix bars – they’re my fav choc bar and … *drum roll*!!! my cousin has just got engaged with his lovely girlfriend!!! I’m so excited because I just met my cousin (for the FIRST time) when I went to NYC and am so glad I got to meet him and his girlfriend before this amazing news! My cousin was born in Australia however moved to the States when he was really young so the last time I met him I was 2! I’m soooo excited and happy for them! :oD

  1. M said:

    wow 41’C!!!!!!

  2. Joy said:

    I love anything pantone! I mean, seriously! You can’t go wrong with pantone.

  3. I love the idea behind this post! I’m a pessimist at heart so I try to think as positive as I can! I’ve been thinking about getting one of those 365 day journals to write something positive each day, have you heard/seen those? I think they’re a great way of staying positive~

    re: I haven’t tried many Paul and Joe products besides a lipstick and that powder I haven’t used, oh and a blush. The lipstick wasn’t bad but it’s a tad on the dry side and I would recommend the blush for someone who likes to build up colour, perfect for beginners =)

  4. Thao said:

    YES! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE LE PETITE PRINCE MOLESKINE PLANNER! I was so excited when I found out about it. I’ve been sitting here waiting for my order to arrive. It’s late. :(

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