2013 Resolutions

Hello 2013! I usually don’t like resolutions because I don’t do them… and I hate failing! But this year I’m going to do it — let the world know what my goals are this year in a specific and manageable (hopefully) manner!

1. Declutter my brain space

My room and general surroundings is cluttered and it’s making me feel suffocated. In a week’s time I’ll be having some “time off” and I WILL be cleaning out my surroundings… watch out bedroom, desk and closet — yes I’m going to tackle my closet, which has not been cleared since I was 6! Lots of memorabilia and fashion highlights and mistakes in there :oP

2. Get my financial “stuff” together

I’m no good with money, when my mother and Commerce-Law-studying sister try to give me advice on what to do, I really have no idea what they’re talking about. It sounds like gibberish to me… maybe this is what it sounds like when I talk Medicine like “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis” or “Glomerulonephritis”. :oD But anyway, I have been lazy with my money matters and in the next month I shall find a financial advisor/accountant to sort my $$$ out!

3. 10 cocktails and/or mocktails

It’s not secret that I love mocktails and cocktails- they are purrdy(!) and taste nice! I did a bartending course when I was 18 and received my own cocktail shaker, so I think it’s about time I take that thing out and make some drinks! I made some flavoured lemonade on NYE!

4. 20 Home Cooked Dinners

Now before you start tut-tutting me, this goal is for my boyfriend and I. We don’t live together so when we have dinner we generally go out! Now as much as we love dining at pubs, bars, fast food joints and the occasional fancy snacy restaurant… it does hit the hip pocket. So for 2013, for our health and financial well-being and skill set (I s’pose) we are aiming to cook 20 home cooked dinners (or more!)! It’s looking good so far, because on NYE, I made baked salmon with brown butter sauce and today I’ve been running around town finding ingredients for a Japanese dish! ;oP

5. Get that bootay movin’!

I’m at that age where I can’t get away with no exercise anymore. Hey I may not be overweight but I am god damn unfit which is just as bad as someone who is 4 times my weight! I get bored by running so I’m going to try doing more activities or sports.. maybe some dancing! I want to be toned, fit and also sleep better! Now I’ll have to make this goal more specific and “fun-sounding” so I will start ASAP :oP

Hope every has had a great start to 2013 (I worked on NY day!)! For those who 2013 didn’t start as “wonderful” as they hope for, things can only go up from here! xx

  1. Cat said:

    Those are good resolutions! I’ve been trying to work on the last 2. My husband and I love eating out too, but we save so much money whenever we cook and stay in. I was good about working out in the beginning of last year, but then uh… I slacked, haha. Being fit and sleeping better are good goals to work towards!

    Your #1 reminds me that I still need to clean our house. It’s been a couple years, and we still have boxes that need to be unpacked…

    You should show the cocktails you make later :D I’m interested to see what you make!

  2. tiff said:

    There are lots of good resolutions you have here, especially 1, 2, 4 and 5. I might just have to take this and try to follow them as welll. ;)

  3. Those are good resolutions! I might have to do the same too!

  4. I worked out NY day too~ I don’t really care much about working on holidays though =P I’m proud to say I de-clutter my closet about twice a year =) I don’t necessarily always throw things out but I go around and donate things I no longer wear or I will put it in storage, I also clear out my storage twice a year too, it’s actually on a small bow hahaha Good luck with these goals/resolutions!

  5. Thao said:

    Definitely check out a group exercise class. Just 1 hour a week is more than enough. The instructors make it super fun and productive that you’ll be in better shape than someone who is aimlessly working out everyday.

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