Lux Bite Christmas

I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I’ve visited Lux Bite! They are my go to place for macarons – well the only place, since I’m normally not a macaron eater… this place converted me!

I needed some Christmas spirit the other day and could no longer ignore the delicious and beautiful photos of sweet treats on the Lux Bite Facebook, so my boyfriend and I ventured down to South Yarra.

Lux Bite Rudolph Super-sized Loe

“Rudolph Supersized Love” – it tastes like a giant Ferrero Roche!

Lux Bite Apple of my eye

“Apple of my eye” – chamomile cream, apple, kiwi sensation – my Boyfriend really enjoyed it!

Lux Bite Pandan macaron

Pandan macaron!

Lux Bite green tea

My Boyfriend’s green tea — isn’t this the cutest tea bag you’ve ever seen?!

Lux Bite Iced Chocolate

Iced chocolate with green tea pistachio macaron

Lux Bite green tea

And… another photo because the teabag was too cute! :oP

I love Lux Bite’s endless desire to create wonderful sweet things. The menu is constantly changing and their Facebook feed is always inundated with drool evoking photos! I’m definitely waiting for a special occasion to order one of their lovely creations! :o)

LuxBite on Urbanspoon

  1. M said:

    yeah! my boyfriend and i had macaroons the other day! but it was so late after the movie that we found a 24 hrs mcdonalds and had tea there!

    and we have those tea bags for sale here, yes super cute but really expensive too ;_; only had it once lol

  2. Cat said:

    Is that reindeer one a macaron on its side? It’s so cute! I feel like macarons are really popular now, but not every place does them well. I have one specific place where I get macarons too because they’re really good there :)

    I like how pretty their food and drinks are! Though taste is most important, I still like to see good presentations, especially with sweets.

  3. I wanna eat the rudolph macaron!!! So cute! I bought those tea bags for my bf’s aunts a few years back but I never got to try them, who cares about the taste they’re so cute LOL jkjk o0o0o0 does your sister like the tarte lippy set? And yes! I can’t believe how outrageous the prices of make up is in Australia especially since our currency rates aren’t far apart from each other. Did you buy a lot of make up when you were in NYC? lol

  4. I’m drooling over the “Apple of my eye”!!!
    I’ve seen those tea bags before, but I never knew where you can get them! They’re so adorable haha


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